New York High school football player killed after log falls on head during practice

Joshua Mileto, 16, of Farmingville, was participating in a strength and conditioning camp at the school at 177 Granny Rd., police said. Five athletes were performing a drill carrying a log overhead — with Mileto somewhere in the middle — when “the log fell and struck” him, police said.

Police said it’s not known at this point why the log was dropped and whether wet grass or the weight of the log — which police couldn’t immediately provide — were factors.

The log-carrying drill was designed to build teamwork in Navy SEALS training, said Bob O’Malley, president of the New York State Athletic Trainers Association. “I’ve never seen that drill in an athletic setting,” O’Malley said.

Photographs taken in the aftermath of the incident showed two solid-wood logs resembling telephone poles lying on the field, each about 10 feet long.

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