Bag of Randomness for Monday, August 7, 2017

  • Spoiler Free – ‘Game of Thrones’ – I’m n0t sure I’ve ever watched a television show in which I felt more suspense and tension than last night’s episode. Heck, I think I had five strokes sixteen heart attacks, one aneurysm, and countlessly loss bowel control towards the end. It was like watching an NFL playoff game between two teams you like and wanting both to somehow win.
  • We watch ‘Game of Thrones’ using our Amazon Fire device using our HBOGo account. The quality and sound from the Fire device is better than our DirecTV satellite device and it will automatically show you a behind the scenes segment of the just watched episode.
  • Tomorrow I’m going to get a second opinion on my back with the chief of neurosurgery at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. When I made my appointment and told the office I was getting a second opinion, I asked if they needed my orthopedic’s information to get his notes or whatever else they may need. They said they would only need a CD of my MRI and like to avoid any prior diagnosis information so the doctor can make an unbiased diagnosis.
  • I have a neighbor who works for LaDainian Tomlinson as the head for one of his foundations. He took his wife and four kids to Canton, OH for all the Hall of Fame events. On the way to Canton, Michael Irvin was on their plane. On the way home, Emmitt Smith and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders were on their plane. His teenage son must have been on cloud nine. It was fun following him and his wife on social media seeing all the people they rubbed elbows with at parties and events. The younger me would have been jealous, but the older me is just really happy for him and his family.
  • Jerry Jones’ speech was about what I expected and I was happy to hear all the verbal bouquets he threw towards Jimmy Johnson. The only thing that did surprise me was the custom Hall of Fame sneakers Nike founder Phil Knight sent him to wear. He threw a lot of accolades towards his wife and children, but what he said about Jerry Jr. was noticeably short. It’s funny how no one thought anyone could out ego or over do things than the fictional Dallasite J.R. Ewing, but Jerry totally has the edge on him. At least Jerry is a better family man, maybe not a man of morals, but at least he’s a family man.
  • I’m surprised this part of Kurt Warner’s speech hasn’t gotten more traction, it has challenged me to be a better father. And while my father may have had me late in late and didn’t do a lot of atheltic type activities with me, he certainly always was there and gave me his time in many other ways.
    • “As a father of seven I’ve come to understand the selflessness and patience it takes to parent a child who is always asking for something. This made me respect my dad more because I was one of those children. I rarely asked for the newest toys or the latest video games or the coolest shoes. My greatest ask was always for my dad’s time. Dad, will you play catch with me in the backyard? Dad, can you take us to the park so we can play one-on-one-on-one? Dad, will you drive us to the gym and spend your whole afternoon rebounding for me? I’ve come to appreciate that the greatest gift any parent could give their child is saying yes to spending with them. Dad, I know there were plenty of times you would have chosen to do something different, something you enjoyed more, but thank you for all the times you said ‘yes’ because your ‘yes’ expanded my spark into a flame and your yeses kept me going when everyone else was saying ‘no’. I love you.”
  • WifeGeeding’s father was once a high school coach and one of his former students is now his doctor. His name is Dr. Hand. Dr. Hand is married to a Dr. Hand. It’s a bit funny referring to the husband and wife as “the Hands” and all the puns that could ensue. Dr. Hand, by the way, still refers to WifeGeeding’s father as “Coach”.
  • Anyone remember that old show ‘The Banana Splits’? Remember the intro? Six Flags over Texas was a part of it.
  • You can confuse self-driving cars by altering street signs
  • You know my love of presidential history and trivia, so a picture like this amazes me.
  • This tweet got my attention and I examined the results on the left seeing Lloyd Bentsen winning the U.S. Senate race, Jim Wright winning U.S. Re. Dist 12, Jim Mattox winning the Attorney General race,  Bob Bullock winning the Comptroller race, and Ann Richards winning the State Treasurer race. Oh, and some guy named “Woody Glasscock” (giggle) loss the race to be the Commissioner of General Land.

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  1. David Bryant says:

    Reading that vote tally, I wonder how many of those Dems would still be Dems today? My memory is that most were pretty conservative Ds, and with the general Dem Party shift to the left since then would they have remained in the party. Also, as Texas became solidly Red, how many would have left the Dem part for purely practical reasons…they wanted to get elected and it became harder and harder for a D in Texas due to straight ticket voting.

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