Bag of Randomness for Monday, August 21, 2017

  • Our kids don’t start school until next week, but today is the first day of school for a lot of kids, and it’s pretty darn cool it coincides with the solar eclipse. That’s going to make a great memory. I also think the path of the solar eclipse is pretty neat, how it will cross the U.S. diagonally, almost in half.
  • Even with anesthesia, having a needle stuck in your spine still hurts. But the worst part of the experience was about 20-minutes after the dye was injected for the x-rays and CT scan. The injection caused additional pressure on my nerves and it felt like I had two massive hamstring cramps.
  • Jerry Lewis lived a long life, made a lot of people laugh, and made the lives of many suffering from muscular dystrophy better for just a hair under a half-century. Not perfect by any means and certainly full of flaws, but he certainly impacted lives for the better and impacted the majority of my Labor Days.
    • Lewis didn’t tweet often. His last tweet was back in May of 2016 in regards to his 90th birthday with a woman in lingerie presenting him a birthday cake.
  • What the heck is up with our Navy as of late?! With today’s technology, there’s no excuse for collisions to happen.
  • I received this picture from a friend. It’s a glimpse of the future. If you can’t tell, there are about eight Tesla charging stations in front of those gas pump.
  • Elon Musk Continues To Add Basic Features To Tesla Cars Based On Twitter Feedback
  • An important milestone for humankind, Debbie Gibson’s ‘Out of the Blue’ album turns 30 years old.
  • YouTube (language warning) – Foo Fighters featuring Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up
  • A nice piece of advice from Adam Savage, “First buy the cheapest tool you can find, and when you break it it means you used it a lot, then buy the best one you can afford.”
  • Last night’s ‘Game of Thrones’ caused me to look up the word “wringing”, which means to complain fretfully.
  • @DallasNews – ICYMI… Former Ranger Derek Holland gets sentimental in return to Arlington, writes ‘thank you’ on the mound
  • Some Liberty University Grads Are Returning Their Diplomas To Protest Trump
  • NASA – Eyes Eclipse 2017 Web Application – In this interactive, web-based 3D simulation, you can click anywhere on the Earth to preview your view of the August 21st, 2017 total eclipse.
  • – I Created the Hashtag #EmptythePews Because It’s Time for Evangelicals To Walk Out of Toxic Churches
  • Solid-Gold Toilet to Be Removed From Guggenheim in September
  • Word Usage in Sacred Texts
  • Word Analysis: The Bible
    • The number 1 word is “Lord” (this includes both the upper case “Lord”, which refers to God and the lower case “lord”, which would refer to a someone’s superior), with 7,759 occurrences, followed by God, at number 2, with 3,977 occurrences. Interestingly, “Jesus” makes the list (ranked # 10 with 1,273 occurrences), despite the fact that the New Testament accounts for less than 23% of the 274,000+ words
  • Random grammar humor: I love eating babies and smiling.
    But I hate punctuation.
  • Now you can see what Donald Trump sees every time he opens Twitter
    • . . . we’ve created @trumps_feed, an account that checks whom Trump follows every five minutes and then retweets any new tweets from them over that period. The net result is a replication of what Trump would see on those occasions that he switches over from the Mentions tab.
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  1. RPM says:

    Hope they get your back troubles straightened out. No pun intended.

  2. AndreaJN says:

    I think you mean "whinging".

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