Bag of Randomness Draft

  • Oppps. I forgot to change the title from “Draft” today’s date. Ooops. I doubt all five of you actually noticed.
  • I watched Logan last night and thought it was a darn good film, but was surprised there was no Stan Lee cameo. It has encouraged me to put Shane on my movie watching list, something I haven’t seen.
    • The movie is set in 2029 and my immediate thought was that’s a far but not too far in the future, and then it hit me that’s only eleven years away, which isn’t that far at all. Gosh, that just sounds weird.
  • Anne Frank, Martin Luther King Jr., and Barbara Walters were born in the same year, 1929.
  • Any chance President Trump is trying to pull a Team of Rivals with his administration?
  • Health insurance can be a pain in the arse. When we took DaughterGeeding to the ER, I made sure to do my due diligence and find a hospital that was “in network”.  When I received a bill it said it was “out of network” which prompted a call to my health insurance provider. I was told the facility was “in network” but the physician who treated DaughterGeeding was “out of network”. However, because I called, they would resubmit the paperwork and see if it was possible if I could get the “in network” charge since I didn’t have a choice of who saw my daughter in the ER. The difference in charges is about $400. I wonder how many folks have been in a similar situation and simply paid the “out of network” charge because they didn’t take the time to make a phone call. The first six minutes of that phone call, by the way, was nothing but phone tree malarky. But I will say this, their customer service was exceptional. There’s no reason to be frustrated with a phone service representative who has no control in policy.
  • As you know, I have a fondness for presidential history and trivia. For instance, I knew the original Oval Office floor was made of cork which Ike tore up with his golf cleats, that LBJ had it covered with linoleum resembling wood, Reagan had it replaced with walnut and white oak by contractors he used in California, and that floor was replaced by George W. Bush in the same pattern. But the book I’m reading states Nixon had the pocket boards pulled up, cut up into two-inch squares, mounted on plaques, and sent them to an exclusive group of people. That’s a quirky piece of history I’d love to have.
  • Princess Diana was a great mother:
    • Prince William also shared a story about when Diana surprised him with a meeting with his favorite supermodels. She had arranged “when I came home from school to have Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell waiting at the top of the stairs,” Prince William said. “I was probably 12 or 13-year-old boy who had posters of them on his wall. And I went bright red and didn’t quite know what to say and sort of fumbled, and I think I pretty much fell down the stairs on the way up.”
    • I have a hard time imagining posters of women being hung on palace walls.
    • I watched the HBO documentary on her last night in which her sons were interviewed. William spoke about how he wants his kids to know there are two grandmothers. I can finally relate to the future King of England. Well, with that, and that both our mothers were Asian.
  • YouTube – Bono and Jordan Hewson: A heartfelt father-daughter interview – Bono And His Daughter Talk Family, Celebrity And Finally Finding Home
    • Bono recorded her heartbeat when she was in the womb, noticed it was slowing down, and the doctor had to deliver her early, on his birthday.
    • “Celebrity is ridiculous because it upends God’s values.”
  • India will ban driverless cars in order to protect jobs
  • An interesting tidbit about reshooting some of Superman’s (Henry Cavill) scenes in the upcoming Justice League movie:
    • ….the new scenes that are being shot have required him to jump back and forth from each production. Because of this, a mustache he grew for his character in the “Mission: Impossible” sequel will have to be digitally removed in post-production. Paramount, which is distributing the “Mission: Impossible” sequel, would not allow Cavill to shave the facial hair while production was taking place.
  • The Legendary World War II Jeep Had A Dangerous Engineering Flaw
  • In case you missed it – Marine’s son, 4, bursts into tears, hugs new stepmom during wedding vows
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7 Responses to Bag of Randomness Draft

  1. Seymore says:

    How long has your empty bag been missing from the top header??? Just noticed.

    • Geeding says:

      I want to say it's been over a year and was wondering if anyone would notice. Heck, you actually made my day. I like the logo but had a hard time trying to make it fit with this "cleaner" redesign. All attempts to add it made it look forced. But I should put in a new set of pictures to rotate up top.

  2. Ben W. says:

    According to Google, the Stan Lee cameo in Logan was before the movie started, and included Deadpool? Seems weird. Also, I think now you're obligated to call him Disney Legend™ Stan Lee.

    Anne Frank, MLK, Barbara Walters: if you had to go back to 1940 and decide which one of them would make it to 87, which would you choose?

    Is Trump pulling a "team of rivals" move? No.

  3. JayF says:

    – Shane is a hell of a Movie, 1952? maybe? Alan Ladd and Jack Palance. I like westerns and didn't watch that one for forever because it didn't have John Wayne, Gary Cooper or Henry Fonda..yada yada yada. When I finally saw it I couldn't believe how good it was.
    – And yes Health Insurance is a farce and a pain in the arse.
    – I had that Cindy Crawford poster on my wall and my mom saw it and took it down! But I found it and put it up in my closet!

  4. Sara De La Rosa says:

    My OB and hospital were in network. I checked the Pedi, in network. I had my baby. Later that morning, a tech in scrubs came to my bed to give the baby a hearing test. I let her. We go home. I get a bill for 1300.00 because that person who gave the bedside hearing test WAS OUT OF NETWORK. I later got 800 of that 1300 back but that's still unacceptable. And to pour salt in the wound, at our first pedi visit, there was a flyer on his door that said they offer hearing tests in the office for $25 dollars.

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