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I want to retile our shower and found a version of this tile at Costco. The tile I purchased is from the same company and is the same material, just a different color. We were thinking of using it as accent tile or maybe having one whole shower wall covered with it.  The package and store display didn’t specifically state avoiding putting them in the shower, but the online description states, “Not recommended for installation around a fire place, in a shower or outdoors.

My tile knowledge isn’t very vast, but I don’t understand why it couldn’t be used in a shower if installed correctly using the proper grout, sealant, tile board, membrane, and so on. Thoughts?

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  • A Blend of Glass and Aluminum
  • When installing tiles, mix and match tiles from different cartons for a natural look
  • Tiles can be installed on drywall or cement board
  • Not recommended for installation around a fire place, in a shower or outdoors.
  • For indoor use only
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2 Responses to Tile Question

  1. KC1 says:

    Because the tile is a glass and aluminum blend….aluminum shouldn't be used for water areas. If the tile was glass you could use it in the shower without any problems. We recently remodeled two bathrooms so I learned a little about tile…..just enough to be dangerous!! Keep shopping!!

  2. Jay F says:

    I don't know much about it either but have put a fair amount down (or up) over the years. You would more than likely be fine for a couple years but over time the adhesive that adheres the individual pieces on each tile, would get penetrated by the water and would not hold. More than likely the backside of the 12×12 tile would be fine but the individual pieces on the front of the tile may start coming off in time. (Clear as mud?) Then again the tile companies may be just trying to get you to buy a more expensive tile specifically formulated for bathrooms and showers!

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