Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, June 7, 2017

  • While driving home from the hospital yesterday after DaughterGeeding’s ER visit, BoyGeeding broke the silence with, “DaughterGeeding, you were very brave today in the hospital.”
  • WifeGeeding actually wanted BoyGeeding to stay at a friend’s house instead of going to the hospital, but I think it’s important not to shelter kids from reality and provide proper exposure as a learning experience. He may have been proud of his sister, but I was proud of him because his behavior was exceptional.
  • WifeGeeding had an odd Wal-Mart experience yesterday, but then again, aren’t all Wal-Mart experiences a bit odd? A woman, probably in her late twenties, was upset at the cashier for not loading the groceries bags into her cart. The cashier already bagged the groceries, three in total, but didn’t place them in the cart which upset the woman. I can’t recall a time any Wal-Mart cashier actually placed the bagged groceries in the cart. The women ranted on, asking the cashier if she would have placed the groceries in the cart if her arm was broken.
  • Georgia news – People rescued after apartment removes stairs
    • Firefighters rescued several people trapped on the second floor of an apartment building after the complex removed the stairs.
  • I have a friend named Scott who lives in Runaway Bay and can’t get a hold of him as I think he changed his phone number and email. If you are out there, drop me a line. If you entered the Witness Protection Program, disregard this message.
  • While chauffeuring the family around a song came on the radio which reminded me of a special moment WifeGeeding and I shared on my 40th birthday on the way to pick up our children after our hike up Guadalupe Peak, something totally out of the norm for me. The moment I shared with her was really special to me, something that made me think strengthened our bond and understanding of each other, and I remember her being real emotional about it and even brought to tears. As the song played I brought up the moment, but WifeGeeding had no memory of it whatsoever. I felt empty and just wanted to mosey away.
  • I prefer writing in blue ink.
  • A lengthy article about basketball nets of all things.
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7 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, June 7, 2017

  1. The Donald says:

    You are not wrong about the blue ink. For most of my life, I have preferred blue ink, though lately I often use a mechanical pencil, as well.

  2. WGII says:

    While witnessing documents yesterday I learned that one should ALWAYS sign legal documents in Blue Ink. That way it can't be copied. When they (both work in the legal field) receive a document signed in black ink, they have to do the "smudge" test to verify it's not been copied. The more you know….

  3. ALEC666 says:

    That Walmart thing drives me nuts also, and uncharacteristically, for me the other day I actually made it a point to have the cashier put my bags in the cart.

    Wal-Mart is very calculating about everything and I believe the design of the bag area/bag turnstile area is done purposefully to "make" the customer place the bags in the cart; thereby making the cashier more efficient by having the cashier not to have to take more than one step to accomplish the whole check out process.

    Yes, I know Keith I have wasted too much of my time (and now yours) thinking about this…

  4. Ricardo Perry says:

    Glad your daughter is on the mend.

    i also prefer blue ink since i started signing documents with my seal. Easier to tell if it has been reproduced.

  5. LL Crack Research says:

    Between BU Bear(Barry) and myself, we have LOTS of contacts in the Bport/Runaway Bay area. In fact, Barry is living on the lake right now and the picture he posted the other day on his blog of the geese crossing the road was taken in Runaway Bay.

    I'm going to add my email address to this post, contact me if you wish and the LL Crack Research staff will be engaged.

  6. Dolphin says:

    Having worked as a cashier at Walmart, I would encourage you to be kind to the cashier. When I was there they were evaluated by the number of transactions they could complete during a shift. They work for barely above minimum wage and a big raise is 25 cents an hour. They put up with all kinds of cranky customers and they probably have had or will have 8 hours of standing on concrete to make up their day. The low prices are partially that way because they don't have baggers. So maybe if you really want someone to put your bags in your cart you could shop at a stores that have them (HEB does) . It has been many years, but each time I go there (which is very rare) I say a little prayer of thanks that I don't have to work there and also one for those who do.

    And honestly, I really don't understand what the big deal is about moving the bag to your cart, unless of course, you have a physical disability. Heck, most of the time I even help bag…I mean I am just standing there, doing nothing! Hope no one takes offense–but just wanted to share another point of view.

    • Ben W. says:

      Thanks for your perspective. I've worked a wide variety of jobs, from fast food to a car wash to construction to office jobs. I really wish everyone was required to do certain jobs for about a month each, right out of high school. Once you've actually been a cashier or worked fast food or waited tables (or really any service industry), it suddenly becomes MUCH more difficult to abuse those employees. Empathy comes harder for some people, but having lived it themselves would make it easier to come by, I think.

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