Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, June 28, 2017

  • One of DaughterGeeding’s friends is raising money to buy blankets for orphans in Africa. DaughterGeeding thought she’d help her friend so she set up a lemonade stand and sold the beverage and cookies to help raise funds. She was able to raise enough funds for her friend to buy two blankets.
  • BoyGeeding helped his sister but soon became bored.
  • DaughterGeeding also wanted to cut up watermelon and cantaloupe to sell. I was worry that her good intentions could have been taken the wrong way, so I nixed that idea and told her she was doing enough with just the cookies and lemonade.
  • My body aches are mostly gone but my throat has become very sore.
  • Another part of being ill is the false rebound. You start to feel better and think you can get back into the swing of things, but then your energy quickly evaporates and you just need to rest.
  • On Sunday night, WFAA had a segment on the Von Erich wrestling family. As all locals know, Fritz had five sons, three of which killed themselves. I wonder if any of them developed CTE and that lead to their depression?
  • Both my junior high and high school had those climbing pegboards and ropes which went close to the ceiling of the gym. However, I’ve never seen anyone use them and wonder if those are in newer school gyms or a potential lawsuit.
  • Toy Story Consultant Shares the Super Depressing Story of Andy’s Dad
    • Over the past several years, rumors and theories have circulated about why Andy’s dad wasn’t around during any of the Toy Story films. The general consensus has been that either Andy’s parents are divorced, or his dad died. It looks like it’s the latter, but let me give you a fair warning: However bad you think that story might be, it’s actually much, much worse.
  • A CHP Helicopter Spotted A Motorcycle Rider Accused Of Routinely Smashing Drivers’ Mirrors And Followed Him Home
  • Britney Spears on Lip-Sync Accusations: ‘It Really Pisses Me Off’
  • “Keith” is often misspelled “Kieth”, so this analysis on the rule of “i before e except after C” was of interest to me.
  • Another tidbit from my book about the relationships amongst presidents.
    • The first time Nixon ever stepped inside the private residence of the White House was 1966 because LBJ invited him over for coffee. Nixon served as Ike’s VP for eight years and was never invited in the private quarters.
    • LBJ was ill, so Nixon met the president who was dressed in his pajamas and resting in bed.
    • Nixon told LBJ as the upcoming elections ramped up, he hoped LBJ would understand that any upcoming criticisms of the issues should not be taken personally. LBJ replied he already knew that, that politicians are like lawyers who get together for a drink after fighting each other like hell in the courtroom. He then gave Nixon a pair of presidential cuff links.
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, June 28, 2017

  1. JayF says:

    Couldn't do it….I refused to click on the Toy Story link. According to the Toy Story writer Andrew Stanton @andrewstanton via Twitter this is "Complete and utter fake news".

    One of my sons favorite when he was small. We watched em all, and 3 is pretty dang sad at the end!

    • Ben W. says:

      Toy Story 3 was my son's first movie to see in the theater. Watching that ending, holding my little boy's hand (he was almost 3), and knowing how fast time flies…man, either they were dusting that theater, or someone was chopping onions.

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