Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, June 6, 2017

  • First of all, I want to start off by saying DaughterGeeding is okay to avoid any false concern or the appearance of dramatizing things. But when we took her to Children’s Medical Center in Plano yesterday evening, I thought the facility had a lot of similarities with First Baptist Dallas. Both have that weird purple glass looking dome thing. One has a cross in the front, the other has kites and missing a massive water fountain. Both are curved, but one is mostly glass and the other has lots of stone.
  • Yesterday was the first week of summer for both of kids, but DaughterGeeding was experiencing fever and major pain in her stomach, which only got worst. We took her to the pediatrician and she was sent home and somewhat rebounded only for the pain in her stomach to come back stronger and I’ve never seen her in so much pain. The pediatrician recommended we take her to Children’s. Long story short, she received a sonogram, given some meds, and we were sent home.
  • I expected great things at Children’s, but the admissions staff were horrible, not friendly whatsoever. But once we got past admissions and triage, the staff was exceptional. Our doctor was an older man from London and was straight out of Central Casting, very Sean Connery like.
  • The doctor had a scribe following him, just some hippy looking dude with a laptop taking notes the entire time.
  • I was surprised to see Scott Pelley anchoring the ‘CBS Evening News’ yesterday, especially since CBS announced a change and he already had his office belongings moved. But it appears he’ll do it a few more days before signing off, according to Variety.  I remember before Pelley got the job, it was between him and Harry Smith. As much as I liked Pelley, I wanted Smith to get the anchor job because Pelley’s strength is in being in the field, not behind the desk. Smith later left for NBC News where’s he’s pretty much been forgotten. Personally, I’d like to see Ted Koppel take over but at age 77 he may be too old and just not want to put in the hours anymore. My money is now on Norah O’Donnell, there seems to be a big push for a woman to take the realm.
  • Of all the vegetables, I’d say zucchini is the most fun to say. It just kinda rolls off the tongue.
  • If I’m at death’s door and just won’t die, just place some windchimes over my hospital bed and place an oscillating fan a few feet from it. I will certainly lose the will to live. Wind chimes are my kryptonite.
  • ‘Cash Cab’: Ben Bailey Returns To Host Discovery’s Series Revival
  • The story behind why Dairy Queen serves their Blizzards upside down goes back to 1959 and a 14-year-old kid.
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  1. Guest says:

    Man, I agree with the wind chimes point. We got our Dad a set of electric chimes that ring ever so softly and they are mesmerizing to be around. Hard to leave the room…

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