Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, May 10, 2017

  • The most surprising (but also probably most obvious) thing I learned yesterday was that Attorney General Jeff Sessions‘ middle name is “Beauregard”.  His first name is actually Jefferson, as in Jefferson Davis, which makes Jefferson Beauregard a very Deep South sounding name.
  • I didn’t think I’d still have to hear about Hillary Clinton’s emails six months after the election.
  • I always thought people of this stature or level are informed in a more personal matter – Comey was ‘caught flat-footed’ and learned of firing from TV while talking to FBI agents in L.A.
  • Last night’s Colbert show was a reunion of Daily Show personalities, but sadly Steve Carell wasn’t a part of it. At least there were about three nice hat-tips to him. Heck, even Trevor Noah had a cameo. I was wondering if the Comey news hit before the show, and Colbert stated he learned the news ten minutes before air. You can tell the show went long because there were some rough edits during interview time.
  • Just in case you were wondering, Lee Iacocca is still alive at 92.
  • OtherDogGeeding cut his eye which required a trip to the vet ER. The vet said “yup, yup” often, almost like a Muppet, and she was the size of one. She said, “yup yup”  was something she picked up while going to vet school in Mississippi and never said it growing up in Pennsylvania.
  • Both me and OtherDogGeeding are taking the same pain medication, Tramadol.
  • The veterinary staff told me they found the perfect girlfriend for OtherDogGeeding and invited me in the back. Both were the same colors, old, and had bad cataracts. They even said both dogs were playfully barking at each other.
  • Town with brown water has no record of cleaning its water tower
  • Dallas Observer – 9 Most Unusual Ranches in Texas
  • The Wildlife Journalist – Feral Monkeys In Texas
  • Kellyanne Conway is no longer hiding under a rock and Anderson Cooper gets frustrated at her answers.
  • The Atlantic – The Rise of Café Churches in South KoreaHow corruption scandals are driving young Christians away from megachurches—and conservative politics
  • Dallas-shot Marvel show ‘The Gifted’ is ordered to series
  • To be honest, it’s really not all that hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

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