Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, April 5, 2017

  • During the second half of the NCAA championship game on Monday night, I looked over at OtherDogGeeding and he appeared to be having a stroke. His eyes were twitching and so was his head. I placed him from the couch to the floor and he started to convulse and contort his body violently. I told WifeGeeding this is it and to say goodbye. I then drove him to the vet ER and as I rushed him inside I tripped on the curb and we both hit the ground hard. I picked him up, limped inside, and told the staff he was seizing which looked evident. They quickly took him from me, asked me two, maybe three questions, and rushed him to the back. The staff took me to a waiting room and gave me some water and had me answer a few more questions, but since we were already patients, most were already on record. About 45-minutes later a staff member came back to talk to me. I already accepted it was time to let him go, didn’t want him to suffer, and was ready to tell them I was ready to put down. However, I was gently informed he didn’t have a seizure but his eardrum ruptured which caused severe vertigo and dizziness and he was in a state of shock. Being almost entirely blind just added to it. We took him in for an ear infection almost two weeks ago but the infection got worst and caused the eardrum to rupture. It was a freaky event, and both WifeGeeding and I thought it was certainly a seizure. I’m not sure how much longer we have with him, but as for now, OtherDogGeeding had only one thing to say to death, “Not today.”
  • My one-eyed-wife has an odd infection in the eye socket which does not contain a human eye and had to see her blepharoplasty surgeon.
  • Every guy who has watched sports at one time or another wanted to broadcast a game.
  • Tony Romo will be taking over for Phil Simms as the number one color analyst for the CBS’s coverage of the NFL. Phil Simms set a very low bar and our national nightmare is now over. As for Romo, I have no idea how he’ll do, I’m just happy I no longer have to listen to Phil Simms.
  • Romo has zero experience in this field and got this position on charisma and reputation, a little bit like President Trump. But at least Trump was vetted through the election process.
  • There’s only one scenario in which I can see Tony Romo returning to the field, and I’m surprised no one has mentioned it. Cam Newton recently had surgery on a partially torn rotator cuff and may not be ready for the start of training camp. I wouldn’t be surprised if Newton doesn’t recovery well or reinjures it and Carolina giving Romo a call.
  • I’m pretty sure Romo dyes his hair.
  • To my surprise, the very in shape host of the ‘Biggest Loser’, Bob Harper, had a heart attack and was in a coma for two days. Genetics is unavoidable.
  • Last night’s ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ started with an announcement that it would be a special two-part episode and could be sensitive to children (the dangers of hitchhiking). DaughterGeeding asked me what that was about and I told her that parents should watch this episode because it could be scary or sad and kids may have lots of questions. She retorts, “Dad, I’ve read about King George, the Battle of Trenton, and I know how babies are born. I’m not scared of anything.”
  • I’ll fully admit I don’t often read press briefings from the Secretary of State, but I got a kick out of how short and to the point this one released yesterday was.
  • My first thought was of the Pro Wings shoes I never liked, or was it Winners’ Choice? – Shoe retailer Payless files for U.S. bankruptcy, to close 400 stores
  • Dallas high school students will do your taxes
    • It’s happening at Woodrow Wilson High in east Dallas. If you live nearby, it’s one of a handful of IRS approved locations for free tax preparations. The DISD campus has partnered with the Internal Revenue Service for three years to prepare at least 100 returns annually for any taxpayer earning $54,000 or less.
  • He’s a native Oklahoman – The State Senate Made Chuck Norris An Official Texan
  • What It’s Like to be a Real-Estate Agent to DC’s Super Rich
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  1. Towski says:

    Since we're all so Romo-centric today, I'll drop this nugget: Tony Romo's Father-in-law is my dermatologist.

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