Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, April 26, 2017

  • I had my MRI last night and it wasn’t as a big deal a lot of folks lead my to believe. It wasn’t as claustrophobic as I imagined. I asked if it was the most enclosed one they had and they affirmed it. In my mind, I’d be more “entombed”. It lasted about 25-minutes and I got to listen to The TICKET. Other than it getting a little warm and having that mental challenged of not moving, it wasn’t bad.
  • I miss progressive dinners. My old church in Mineral Wells used to have them. I’m guessing that’s a small town sort of thing. I’m afraid if our church held one it would turn into a very formal thing since most members are part of a very affluent community.
  • Local folks will understand – The DeSoto head football coach may be controversially fired, so where would CBS11 go to get opinions from the community? The barbershop.
  • Those commercials for Peloton stationary bikes with live and on-demand classes have caught my attention for a while since I really enjoyed cycle (or spin) classes years ago, and I even heard Bob Sturm talk about his and how his instructor mentioned his name during an internet streaming class (though I have a suspicion that may be a disguised ad). But yesterday I read a detailed review on it and almost all my questions were answered. This reporter had the unit for eight weeks and took 18 classes.
    • It costs $1,995 for the bike alone, there’s a required monthly subscription fee of $39/month, and shoes that clip on the pedals will cost about a $100. So your first year of working out will set you back at least $2,560.
    • Videos are streamed through the 22-inch touchscreen that’s affixed to the front of the bike with a front-facing camera and microphone in the front.
    • Up to 14 classes are streamed live every day and over 5,000 classes are on-demand. Classes are either 30 or 60-minutes.
    • When taking a live-streaming class, your cadence, resistance, and overall exertion level can be compared to other people across the globe and you can see where you rank in the class. The online instructors will even refer to participants by name.
    • I’d love one, but there’s absolutely no way I could justify the cost.
  • NFL Players Strike a Deal to Sell Their Biometric Data
  • Buzzfeed has a couple of interesting c-section videos which can be a bit unsettling for some.
  • Gizmodo – American Media Are Getting People at Home Ready for War With North Korea
  • How Bad Is It if I Never Eat Any Vegetables?
  • To get a lock rekeyed at the local locksmith, it would cost $85 if they came to GeedingManor or $15 if I drove four miles to their shop. I removed the deadbolt and drove to the shop, which was an adventure in itself. It was basically a mini-museum full of old locks, safes, and gadgets, and I’m sure were over two-hundred years old. One suck gadget was a 1950’s remote controlled lawn mower. I found a video of one in action.

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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, April 26, 2017

  1. Ben W. says:

    Death rates for children aged 1-19 cut by more than half from 1980 to 2014. Thanks, knee pads, helmets, brakes, and over-cautious soccer moms!!


  2. JayF says:

    I'm still taking the 80's. Ahhh the progressive dinners, those were great. I wonder if any church does those any more? The CBS11 going to the barber shop is pretty funny!

  3. Nathan Hart says:

    Here's a 2017 version of that lawn mower:

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