Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, April 19, 2017

  • Sometimes we take OtherDogGeeding on the ride to school, and when we do, they buckle him up.
  • Last night’s ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ on ABC was heavily focused on half-Asians which made it the greatest episode in half-Asian history.
  • I asked one of DaughterGeeding’s friends if his parents ever allow him to play on their mobile phones. His reply, “No, they won’t give me the phone number to get into it.” I didn’t explain the difference between a PIN and an actual phone number to him, but I wish I could be there when the epiphany hits.
  • I remember when all product commercials used to offer COD and me not knowing what that meant for the longest time. Those commercials used to also have a blue screen at the end, I think, with yellow phone numbers.
  • Because of an upcoming exam, DaughterGeeding was working on a practice worksheet which didn’t need to be turned in. As I was helping her, I noticed the left-hander was writing with her right hand. When I asked her about it, she said she simply wanted to learn how to write with her right hand and since this worksheet didn’t need to be turned in, it was a good time for her to practice.
  • “Exam” sounds so much more serious than “test”.
  • University Instructor Takes Notes On Her Students’ Web Browsing Habits During Class,
  • Buzzfeed – Jay Pharoah Talks About Being Fired From SNL
  • This is a great image improvement move, but traditional Baptists are rolling over in their graves – In wake of sexual assault scandal, Baylor names its first female president
    • She served as the dean of Pepperdine’s school of business (2002-2014) when Ken Starr served as the dean of Pepperdine’s law school (2004-2010). Not that that is a judgment or indication of her future work, but I’m just curious how close she is to Starr.
  • I friend suggested we eat at a certain Mederterrian restaurant soon and I told him the last time I went, someone vomited in the bathroom sink, I informed the staff, and for the next half-hour no one cleaned it up. His reply, “So you’re telling me they aren’t the Buc-ee’s of the Mederterrian world.”
  • U2 Release Brassy New Version of Joshua Tree’s “Red Hill Mining Town”
  • The tour doesn’t start until May 12 in Vancouver, but Houston’s NRG had some practice space available – Footage of U2’s Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary Tour Stage Surfaces
  • Here are eight minutes of your life you’ll never get back. WifeGeeding likes to pull teeth, she got to do that often as a kindergarten teacher (of course, with parental permission). So far, DaughterGeeding has lost six teeth, but none of them pulled once by her mother. Last night we put her to bed and about 15-minutes later she comes out of her room ready for her mother to pull her tooth.
    • Despite wanting to do it, she stalls for a frustratingly long time.
    • A nervous toot is accidentally released around the 2:30 mark.
    • I lose my patience around the 6:40 mark and speak, telling her it’s time to stop the whining.
    • The tooth actually is pulled around the 7:29 mark.

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