Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, April 18, 2017

  • I’m not sure how Facebook works since I don’t have an account or profile, so I’m not sure how to verify a celebrity’s post, but I’m pretty sure that post is from the real Tiffany Trump’s Facebook page. My two biggest gripes, the carpet in the real Oval Office isn’t blue and I don’t think Jesus was ever that tall. Unless he’s floating, that would put him over seven feet.
  • I’ve heard people say, “not in the least,” but I’ve never heard anyone say “not in the most.”
  • As long as Trump has lived in Trump Tower, I wonder how much he misses it. I know he’s traveled a lot to Mar-a-Lago, but I don’t think he’s been “home” once since inauguration.
  • Funny
  • The Dallas Morning News – President Carter, am I a Christian?
    • I asked questions like that in a Christmas Day column, interviewing the Rev. Tim Keller, a prominent evangelical pastor. In this, the second of an occasional series, I decided to quiz former President Jimmy Carter. He’s a longtime Sunday school teacher and born-again evangelical but of a more liberal bent than Keller. Here’s our email conversation, edited for clarity.
    • Here’s a snippet:
  • Last Easter related thought since it’s sooo two days ago, but if I church arranged for a helicopter to drop Easter eggs, they may have their message and priorities out of whack.
  • North Texas teen who survived 3,000-foot fall in sky-diving accident wins $760,000 in lawsuit
  • Sure, having a new puppy has its kicks, but so does caring for an old dog you know you may only have less than two years with. There are all sorts of life lessons one could learn from loving and caring for an old dog.
  • ‘Better Call Saul’ has exceptional cinematography. And last night’s episode had me craving some fried chicken, extra crispy. I may have paused the show to get some fried chicken before the closest chick place closes.
  • I like how the removal of tape was a bit player in the show last night. Jimmy was doing it, just as his brother taught him, and then became unhinged.
  • I may be over this hiccup thing.
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