Bag of Randomness for Thursday, April 20, 2017

  • There was news yesterday of Russia’s new base in Iceland, which reminded me of an award or some sort of Army recognition my father received for helping construct something in either Greenland or Iceland (most likely Greenland). I couldn’t find the paperwork but I did come across these photos of my father. When I saw the first one, probably when I was ten years old, I told my father he looked sad. He said he wasn’t sad, he was just freezing his “jewels” off because he was in Greenland/Iceland. When I saw the second picture, I told him his mustache looked funny. He said he didn’t care what he looked like at the time, he was trying to keep his upper lip warm. Him being sensitive to the cold was surprising since he grew up in Cincinnati.
  • Even though I didn’t find the paperwork I was looking for, I did come across this framed item. I’m sure they were a dime a dozen at the end of WWII when a plethora of servicemen was being discharged, and autopen was certainly used. But these “personalized” letters of recognition from the Secretary of the Navy and President Truman meant enough for my father to have them side by side.
  • As you know, OtherDogGeeding has had some major ear problems. The vet recommended an ear flush and a culture be sent to the lab, but the ear cleaning would require sedation. I dropped him off early yesterday morning and I expected to get a call around noon saying he would be available for pickup, but I didn’t get a call until after 2:00 PM. It was the vet’s assistant and the first words, verbatim, out of her mouth, after a deep breath and a pause, were, “Mr. Geeding, I want to apologize . . . I’m sorry . . . but we weren’t able to get to OtherDogGeeding in time.” Now, I’ve been preparing for his death for quite some time and didn’t expect that emotional gut punch when you get bad news, but it hit me hard. However, she follows up with, “You can pick him up after 4:00 PM.” I told her I thought she was telling me he died, and the poor girl apologized profusely. Maybe it was her wording or the tone in her voice, but for a good twenty seconds, I thought I lost my little buddy.
  • I do goofy things for my friends. For instance, I’ll call some of them a minute after minute on their birthday just so I can be the first to wish them a happy birthday. One recently told me that other than his mother, I was the only one that wished him a happy birthday on his actually birthday. He’s not on Facebook and neither am I, so he said it means more.
  • That same friend shared a story of him recently sharing my favorite poem with someone and how it really touched him. Men or women, but who remembers a friend’s favorite poem? That meant a lot to me, it tells you our relationship is full of substance or he’s some freak with a wicked memory. In case you are wondering, The poem is IF, by Rudyard Kipling. My high school drama teacher made all her students memorize it and stanzas often pop in my head during moments of stress breaking in on the walls of fortitude.
  • No Spoilers, I Promise – Last night the new season of ‘Fargo’ aired and they snuck in an image of Sisyphus.
    • I see a lot of similarities to ‘Better Call Saul’. You have a “loser” brother vs a successful brother, obscure settings (both a character in themselves) but beautiful use it with the cinematography, they are both predate another series, and the name Ehrmantraut was used.
  • Last night’s ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ was the one in which Hervé Villechaize (Tatu from ‘Fantasy Island’) made a guest appearance. Arnold rang the doorbell to an apartment and he answered. Arnold then asked, “Excuse me little boy, are your parents home.” Not a lot of folks can relate to one another like those two actors forever remembered by their height. But the uniqueness of that joke reminded me of this letter JFK sent Ike, which I found in my book about the relationships between presidents.
  • Life Pro Tip For Men – Put a guard on your clippers and trim your arm and leg hairs. You’ll be surprised, but it’s easier to apply sunscreen without all the excess hair absorbing it.
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8 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Thursday, April 20, 2017

  1. JayF says:

    Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, especially since you are already preparing for it, but as much as we think we are ready to let go of a pet, we aren't. One of the saddest damn things there is! Maybe it just seems that way as we get older and more emotional. Heck, I grew up on a farm and we learned at an early age that dying was just part of life, but when you get a pet that you are really attached to it sure is tough. I'd never had to have a dog put down until probably 10 years ago and I had to have the wife's dog of 12 yrs put down, that was a tough ordeal. Hope your OtherDogGeeding lives a long time.

  2. Mike Honcho says:

    RE: Poems… I can still recite "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost because of a High School History teacher who thought Rote Memorization was important. (It is.)

    I'm enjoying the Presidential anecdotes. I have that book in my Amazon cart now.

  3. Ben W. says:

    Though I love to read, and have through various periods of my life done so voraciously, I have never been a big fan of poetry. But one that has stuck with me is "Ulysses" by Lord Alfred Tennyson. I remember reading and enjoying it in high school, so much so that I still return to it and re-read it 4-5 times a year. As I get older, it resonates with me more and more. The final stanza provides, undoubtedly, a pretty solid focus for an aging man:

    Though much is taken, much abides; and though
    We are not now that strength which in old days
    Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are,
    One equal temper of heroic hearts,
    Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
    To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

  4. sara says:

    One of my favorites is Max Ehrmann's Desiderata.
    I am really really trying to be a more patient, more thoughtful, more loving and in the moment person. It helps to take a breath and re-read it. I have it posted on my cubicle at work.


  5. Mike Honcho says:

    Keith, one day when you need a break, you should post "Open Poetry Night" and let us all share favorites in the comment section. I would enjoy that!

    • Ben W. says:

      What a grand idea! Although I feel like I've already given my contribution. I guess that means I need to read more…

  6. Triple Fake says:

    on a slightly darker note than most other poetry posts, I memorized Resume by Dorothy Parker. for a HS assignment. Nowadays, this would probably earn you a visit to the counselor's office.
    Razors pain you
    Rivers are damp.
    Acids stain you
    Drugs cause cramp.
    Guns aren't lawful
    Nooses give.
    Gas smells awful
    You might as well live.

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