Bag of Randomness for Monday, April 24, 2017

  • We were driving down 75 when all of a sudden we noticed a grand assortment of wild flowers at what I think is Richardson City Hall. I’m pretty sure these were bluebonnets but they were much more purple than the ones I’m used to seeing.
  • I finally got motivated enough to see a specialist about my back. The majority of my pain is coming from a herniated nucleus pulposus, degenerative changes, nerve impingement, and inflammation. An MRI will soon be scheduled and from there some physical therapy and possible lumbar injections. But off hand, it looks like surgery won’t be needed and the detail above sounds worst than it actually is.
    • I thought it was nice of the doctor when he asked if I wanted to take any pictures of my x-rays. Some medical professionals seem a bit guarded about that sort of stuff. But since I’m ignorant about x-rays, I thought I had two tumors in my chest. But, “it’s not a tumor” just air pockets.
    • After my visit was lead to a room to visit with a billing associate who told me how the process would work, that I’d be receiving several invoices and explanations of benefits in the mail, but not to worry at any of the high prices as their office often has to work things out on the back end and payments and distributions don’t time well with the automatic invoiced. I was shown an example of the paperwork and it was all pretty thorough.
    • The doctor also requested a sample of my DNA for a pharmacogenomic test which will identify any genetic factors that influence my body’s responses to specific medications. I was told whatever my insurance doesn’t cover they bear the cost and this is something for me to keep to show other doctors.
    • Within two hours after my visit, I was able to log into the practice’s website and view the notes my doctor wrote about the consultation.
  • A long while I ago I mentioned I was one of the government contractors whose identities was stolen and I’ve been provided with an account for identity theft protection. Yesterday it notified me a sex offender moved within two miles. I didn’t expect it to provide me with that sort of info.
  • Buzzfeed – Here’s How That Kendrick Lamar And U2 Song Was Put Together
    • The most entertaining part of that article is this:
    • So I was like, ‘No, I don’t know which cool friend this is for you.’ And he said, ‘Yo this is the legendary Bono from U2,’ and I was like ‘OK, dope.’
    • As for how he thought the song turned out, “…it just came out dope as f–k man.
  • This is a bit of a long read, but man, I learned a lot about naval warfare and strategy.
  • Here’s a picture of George H.W. Bush being visited in the hospital by his son George W. Bush, which makes me think that hospital was probably the safest place in Texas at that moment and how acquainted are the two former-presidents’ Secret Service details with each other.
    • And that reminds me of my favorite part of the under-rated mockumentary Drop Dead Gorgeous when the documentary filmmakers and the “Cops” (bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do…) filming crew run into each other and start exchanging pleasantries because they know each other. I’m bummed I can’t find the clip.
  • If you are a fan of S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders this ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ profile, you may enjoy of the author and Rob Lowe.
  • This dad pulled a Billy Madison – A Utah dad came to the rescue when his daughter had an accident at school by pretending to pee his pants to make her feel better.
  • To deflect gun rights criticism, Montana Democrat shoots a TV
  • Downtown Lewisville is getting a place called Prohibition Chicken. Here’s the cool part about the place:
    • Prohibition Chicken will also house a speakeasy with its own menu of cocktails and food at the back of the restaurant. For that true speakeasy vibe, the spot is accessible only through a sneaky telephone booth entrance. – Dallas Eater
  • When are person on death row is given the option of choosing his or her death, which six states allow, I wonder if the prisoner has to sign a document and actually has to select a check box, or something of the like to make it official. Talk about signing your own death warrent.
  • Flipping channels last night I saw 87-year-ol John Cullum as a guest star on ‘Madam Secretary’. It’s good to see he’s still working, I love his slow paced charm and ruffled voice. If you were a ‘Northern Exposure’ fan, you’d know him as Holling. If you were an ‘ER’ fan, you’d know him as Dr. Green’s father. You would have also seen in him guest roles on ‘Mad Men’, ‘Law and Order SVU’, and a slew of other stuff.
  • It was great to see a new episode of ‘Silicon Valley’. I love to see the new opening each season.
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