Bag of Randomness for Monday, April 17, 2017

  • Saturday was the first full day without a hiccup but they made a brief and abrupt appearance on Sunday which caused me to vomit. I’ve found any drink not room temperature can trigger them as well as a very small burp, but the big ones seem okay. I still have a loss of appetite and have to stick to very small meals, for the most part. The drugs are trippy, very trippy. They give me some sort of enlightened sense of well-being, clarity of thought, courage to open up and express myself, caused my back pain to go away nap three to six hours a day.
  • I’ve noticed at DaughterGeeding’s soccer games when there is a break in play, she often looks back at her parents. I hope that’s not because she feels any pressure to perform well and her just wanting to look back at mom and dad.
  • I was really getting annoyed with all the coverage of the giraffe that was about to give birth, but even I got a kick out of the Toys R Us logo in the corner changing to Babies R Us a bit after the birth happened.
  • Time flies. Pope Francis conducted his fifth Easter Mass as pontiff, and I’m still surprised that Pope Benedict XVI is still alive. He turned 90 yesterday but his birthday will be celebrated today.
  • Squirrel eats mini ice cream cones every day at ice cream shop
  • Unlike a lot of other liberals, I’m not overly critical of Secret Service protection costs for President Trump. I especially won’t criticize his wife and son staying in New York so his son can finish the school year. But this tidbit from this story did stand out because it’s not something you see often noted.
    • One purchase order reviewed by CBS News shows the US Secret Service has spent $35,185 on golf cart rentals “for POTUS visit” in Palm Beach County, Florida since the President’s inauguration.
  • I saw that the University of Texas football team now has fancy new lockers, with each one costing approximately $10,500 with 43-inch television screens and glowing surrounding lights. Add this to the list of reasons why college football gets on my nerves. That money could better be spent elsewhere and the idea of amateurism with college sports is simply a farce many refuse to admit. And while I usually like to cheer on my state university, I don’t feel comfortable doing so with former Art Briles staffer Casey Horney on staff.
  • Robot Being Trained To Shoot Guns Is ‘not A Terminator’, Insists Russian Deputy Prime Minister
  • Why one Republican voted to kill privacy rules: “Nobody has to use the Internet”
  • The Daily Beast is some sort of left-leaning media outlet which merged with Newsweek. This weekend they ran an article in which President Trump’s face was photoshopped over Tom Landry’s with the notion of imagining if Jerry Jones hired him as the Cowboys coach.
  • Something found on Reddit: DFW Proposed Freeways- 1967

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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Monday, April 17, 2017

  1. Ben W. says:

    I think there are a couple of issues that are problematic re: Trump's travel expenses, of which the Secret Service expenses are a part. First, he campaigned on how wasteful it was for Obama to vacation, yet in less than 100 days he's spent about 25% of what Obama spent on personal travel over 8 years. (Of course, that's not even considering the hypocrisy of Trump complaining about Obama's frequent golfing – another Obama "record" he's on pace to obliterate). The other issue is that a considerable portion of those travel expenses enrich Trump-owned companies, from which he has not divested in any meaningful way. How much of those golf-cart-rental fees are being paid to Mar-a-Lago? How about Secret Service housing costs there? The outrage for me is not that Trump wants time away, it's the fact that the taxpayers are paying him for his pleasure. I don't begrudge Secret Service costs to protect the president. I begrudge hypocrisy and self-enrichment.

  2. John says:

    Don't think the "proposed freeway map" is from 67. It looks like I-20 is in southern Dallas County and it wasn't there then.

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