Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, March 28, 2017

  • This restroom sink at the Musical Hall at Fair Park fascinated me. On the left is an automated soap dispenser, then the faucet, and on the right is a hand dryer similar to the Dyson Airblade. The entire restroom was filled with these things.
  • BoyGeeding doesn’t need eyeblack for tee-ball but I couldn’t resist the purchase. And I never liked the sticker variety, the regular marker stuff seems more legit.
  • If the kids ever need a splinter removed it defaults to me since their mother has no depth perception due to her one eye. It also means I thread all needles.
  • I caught an odd moment during WFAA’s late night broadcast. Right before going to commercial break, Cynthia Izaguirre teased a story with, “A car accident turned her world upside down …” and then it showed the subject of the story literally saying, “It turned my world upside down.” It somewhat reminded me of the SNL skit of “New for the Hard of Hearing”.
  • Congressman Adam Schiff‘s wife’s name is Eve, but their children are named Alexa and Elijah, not Cain and Abel.
  • ‘Cash Cab’ Revived at Discovery Channel – Discovery Channel is rebooting the game show, which previously ran for 10 seasons, from 2005-12, and won three Emmy Awards. The new episodes will feature a twist: Stars from the worlds of comedy, film and TV will get behind the wheel of the cab itself as they pick up unsuspecting passengers.
  • Alarming UT-Austin report: 15% of female undergrads say they’ve been raped
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, March 28, 2017

  1. Triple Fake says:

    I used one of those Dyson hand dryers a couple of years ago in San Antonio. It's pretty sweet, I guess!
    The air dryer is a great idea, but only if there's a way to exit the restroom without having to touch anything on the way out. I recall a Mexican food place that had a foot operated mechanism for opening the door. That's a good idea

  2. Mike Honcho says:

    I like them too when there is no need to touch the door after. Costco comes to mind as a good place for that; both paper and airblades, and you don't have a door to walk out of after, just a couple of turns.

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