Bag of Randomness for the first day of March 2017

  • I’m always surprised when Trump doesn’t wear a red tie for a big occasion. But the next time he speaks to Congress, Vice President Pence and Speaker Ryan need not wear matching ties, it looked a little weird, like they were auditioning for the sequel to Step Brothers.
  • Going into the speech I knew I was going to disagree with a certain amount of content, but I was curious how he would deliver it, how “presidential” he would appear, and if he’d stray from the text and adlib. Regarding all that, he exceeded my expectations for the most part, but as he got comfortable, he started being Trump again but not to the extent most of us are accustomed.
  • Maybe it was my television, but last night Justice Kennedy looked very yellow, which made me think of possible liver issue. But then again I could have been Justice Breyer, I don’t know my justices very well.
  • I continue to think the opposing party response to the State of the Union, or in this case, an address to a joint session of Congress, is stupid.
  • What’s in Subway’s chicken? Hint: Maybe only 50% chickenSubway says its chicken should be 99% chicken and is looking into it.
  • Programmers Are Protesting The ‘Whiteboard’ Interview
  • Google Play now considers user engagement, not just downloads, in ranking games
  • I’m only posting the link to this video because they decided to have wooly mammoths walk out of Texas Stadium which was demolished back in 2010.
  • Former Tech Football Players Land $2.8 Billion Oil Deal, Now Two of the Richest Texans Under 40
  • Baylor suspends DB Travon Blanchard after protective order issued
    • “Immediately upon notification on Feb. 7, the appropriate campus student-conduct process was initiated and Blanchard was suspended indefinitely from all team related activities, pending the outcome of the investigation,” Baylor director of athletic communications David Kaye said, per John Carroll and Mikel Lauber of KWTX. Blanchard has been accused of multiple acts of abuse, dating back to at least last July.
      • Baylor was notified three weeks ago, so I’m guessing it takes that long for the suspension to go into effect. Either that or Baylor sat on this information and decided to release it a little before President Trump’s first address to a joint session of congress to avoid the media spotlight.
      • Baylor Head Women’s Basketball Coach Kim Mulkey, Feb 25, 2017 – “Move on. Find another story to write.
        • That’s got to tear her up on the inside after standing up for her university and then finding out the school was notified about this almost three weeks prior. But as she said, “I’m tired of people talking on it on a national scale that don’t know what they’re talking about. If they didn’t sit in those meetings and they weren’t a part of the investigation, you’re repeating things that you’ve heard.
        • She really is turning into the Kellyanne Conway of Baylor.
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