Bag of Randomness for Monday, February 6, 2017

  • I didn’t watch much of the Super Bowl pregame show but was surprised it was sponsored by Turkish Airlines. I can’t recall ever seeing any advisement from Turkish Airlines ever or even knew they existed.
  • Right after the opening kickoff, you used to see the stands light up in flashes from cameras, but this was the first year I didn’t really notice it. My guess is most attendees just use their phones to take pics and most don’t have the flash on, not to mention, the flash on a phone doesn’t work all that great.
  • I thought the playing surface looked very subpar for a Super Bowl. You could easily identify the seams, a huge square in the middle of the field, to place the NFL logo and the endzone’s showed a bunch of green patches where it was supposed to be red or blue.
  • First rule of a Super Bowl party, show the game. Second rule, no suit and tie or any type of formal wear.
  • The oil industry can afford a Super Bowl commercial? Well, the game was hosted in Houston, and it’s considered Texas Tea.
  • Alternative Fact – “Super Bowl” was originally spelled “Souper Bowl”.
  • BBC American football coverage:
  • I’ve always felt when Lady Gaga is on the national stage, she totally brings it. She’s a fearless entertainer, and I loved her half-time performance. A lot of far-Left people were upset she didn’t use this huge stage to make some sort of political statement, she went above that and instead started the performance with patriotic music. In a small sort of way, she was doing what she could to unite the country.
    • Or if you are a flaming liberal, look at it this way. The start of the show was an artistic protest, which started loving and patriotic, but she became overwhelmed and jumped to her death. Think of it as some sort of metaphor of how someone once loved their country and was so sad of current affairs decided to end it all.
    • It would have been neat if she snuck Left Shark somewhere as a backup dancer.
    • When she started to sing “Telephone”, I thought Beyonce might make an appearance, because she’s in the video and she’s from Houston. But I’m glad she didn’t have any surprise appearances whatsoever.
  • We have a neighbor whose native language is Polish. In a recent Facebook post, she stated she avoids using “can’t” and instead says “can not” because with her accent, she doesn’t want to accidentally verbally insult someone.
  • Not a complaint, just an observation – There seems to be a lot more Trump bumper stickers than before the election.
  • On Saturday the family went hunting for a Star Wars pinata at the Harry Hines Bazaar and were totally out of our element. I saw a lot of custom made t-shirts, and since we were in a Mexican neighborhood, there were many “creative” anti-Trump ones.
  • My favorite “megachurch” pastor is Adam Hamilton and NPR has segment/article on him – Kansas City Clergyman Seeks Way To Pastor Across The Political Divide
  • A donut chain real popular in the midwest, Hurts Donut, is open in Frisco and there are hour long lines. Heck, I still haven’t had a Top Pot donut.
  • Florida News – Man parks truck on top of car to defend family in road rage incident, police say
  • I guess Texas Tech is getting a new football field.
  • I’m not sure why, but I like Ezekiel Elliott’s signature.
  • Generate you own Trump executive order here.
  • My goodness, the SNL “Sean Spicer Press Conference” skit was one of the best of this century. It took the whole audience a bit to recognize it was actually Melissa McCarthy, and once they did, you got a feeling you were watching something that would become part of SNL lore. People are going to be referencing things like “moose lamb” for decades, though my favorite prop was the knot. Surely she’s going to win the Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series.

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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Monday, February 6, 2017

  1. Ben W. says:

    The Spicer SNL sketch was truly epic, and I agree that it's going to become one of those classic sketches that really pinpoint a moment in time. And (IMO) the best part? Trying to end it with "Live from New York…" About halfway through it, I thought, "this really feels like a cold open." I'm glad I wasn't the only one. (Second best part? Deterred.)

  2. Bryan says:

    The Spicer sketch on SNL was pure genius. It might go down as one of the best political impressions in the history of the show. I would easily put up there with Chase's Gerald Ford, Carvey's Bush, Ferrell's Bush, Fey's Palin, and Larry David's Bernie. "Deterred" was awesome, but I lost it when he/she picked up the podium.

    I took your lead and started using the Junior Miller-Buster tribute of "Super Bowl". It drove my wife nuts, especially since I said in Buster voice every time.

  3. John Mackovic says:

    Thankfully, the Ninth Circuit Court has overturned Trump's EO and declared the greatest website of all time. They are also reviewing whether or not it's owner can considered "chubby"

  4. RPM says:

    I knew when I was watching the Spicer sketch I was seeing something truly special. I'm not particulary a Melissa McCarthy fan, although I like some of her work. But this…. this was next level performance. She never broke character, amped it up at every opportunity and never backed down. Truly an Emmy level performance.

    I've thought Lady Gaga was extremely talented from the first time I saw her on SNL.

  5. James J says:

    Missed the skit…missed most of the halftime as well, sounded like I should've seen both…props to GaGa for not making a political statement. I did not however, miss any of the game, that is something that will be remembered for a long time as well.
    Good observation on your part about the lack of the camera flash these days. Another byproduct of modern technology I guess.
    Does Tech need new turf? Prob so, it needs replaced every 6-8 yrs I've heard. I believe Tech goes through about 6-8 Def. coordinators per Turf replacement as well.

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