Bag of Randomness for Friday, February 10, 2017

  • I use my father’s dresser and the other day WifeGeeding accidentally pulled one of the drawers out. In the far back and long forgotten was this old cigarette carton box. I remember the day Dad quit and I think he was going to do it cold turkey, so I was curious if it was empty, and alas, it was. I told my childhood friend Jimi about it and he said he could remember the day I told him my father was going to quit smoking and we were trying to guess the year. I then remembered this old “contract” I made my father sign it in hopes of weaning him off. My mother signed as a “witness”. If my memory serves me correctly, he smoked one last one and couldn’t even finish it and then was chewing Nicorette like all get out. So by the date of this “contract”, that box is at least 30-years old.
  • I’ve been wanting a mechanical keyboard and took a chance on a discounted return item on Amazon. It arrived yesterday and I was all giddy hooking it up, but then I had Charlie Brown slump once I realized the “T” key didn’t work. I was tempted to write this entire Bag of Randomness using that keyboard just for kicks.
  • While reading my book on presidents and relationships they’ve had with former presidents, I started to wonder what president had the most future presidents born in his administration. I couldn’t find anything online, so I researched it myself. My first guess would have been FDR since he served the longest, but there were zero future presidents born during his time in office. I suppose a depression and a world war would hamper procreation. But without double checking my work, it appears the most future presidents born in a single president’s administration is three, and it’s a tie.
    • Washington – Polk, Buchanan, Tyler
    • Truman – W. Bush, Clinton, Trump
  • Before reading the book, I really didn’t know much about Hoover other than he presided before Roosevelt and at the start of the Great Depression. I associated “Hoover” with the vacuum and thought he “sucked”. However, the book has given me an appreciation for him and his life after the presidency, especially how much he helped Truman and the rebuilding efforts after WWII. Heck, Truman sent him on three overseas trips in just one calendar year. Many folks claim Carter might have the best or most influential life after office, but Hoover is a strong argument.
  • DaughterGeeding came home from school and tried teaching me a new song she heard on the playground, the “Diarrhea” song. She was amazed and how I could contribute to it.
  • DaughterGeeding likes to write and will often write notes so not to forget things she learned earlier in the day. I have to admit this attention getting headline really caught my attention and I had lots of concerns at first. I thought she might be yelling a line from an Anne Frank movie or something from The Sound of Music.
  • Last night’s ‘Life in Pieces’ had two guest stars from ‘The Office’.
  • Last night there was a collegiate track meet at the new Cowboys headquarters and an eleven-year-old homeschooled girl competed – against college students, mind you, and came in third place in her 3,000-meter race.
  • Erin Gray was one of my childhood crushes, she’ll be in Irving tomorrow for the Dallas Comic Show. I loved her in both ‘Buck Rogers’ and ‘Silver Spoons’ and was delighted when she guest starred in ‘Magnum, P.I.’.
    • Here we are, face to face, a couple of silver spoons…
  • You can now watch VR content from the Chrome app
  • Teenagers Who Vandalized Historic Black Schoolhouse Are Ordered to Read Books
    • After five teenagers defaced a historic black schoolhouse in Virginia with racist and anti-Semitic graffiti last year, a judge handed down an unusual sentence. She endorsed a prosecutor’s order that they read one book each month for the next 12 months and write a report about it. But not just any books: They must address some of history’s most divisive and tragic periods.
  • The great Nick Offerman will be back on ‘This Old House’ this weekend.
  • In a bit similar to the pet rock, rock band KISS will now sell you air guitar strings.
  • Paris to erect bulletproof wall around Eiffel Tower
    • Temporary fences were installed last June, but these rather unattractive barriers will now become permanent with the placement of a 2.5 meter-high bulletproof glass wall, according to French daily Le Parisien.
  • When you read the headline, you don’t picture a redheaded white kid – A 15-year-old (Sorta-maybe) Basketball Prodigy
  • Starplex music venue in Dallas may not be named Starplex after all
  • 37 days: Corpus Christi finds lessons in mayor’s political implosion
    • Fed up with lingering infrastructure problems, Corpus Christi voters turned to a political novice to run the city. In just over a month, he was gone, leaving behind political limbo — and some lessons.
  • Awkward Sean Spicer interview by Breitbart, the reporter is very nervous – Digg
  • – Report: Ex-Baylor president Ken Starr could join Trump administration
    • Former Baylor president Ken Starr has a job waiting for him in the state department, according to a report by Foreign Policy magazine. Starr is reportedly on the shortlist for the position of ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom. The post is tasked with the promotion of religious freedoms around the world.
  • For my fellow Google Daydream owners – You can now watch VR content from the Chrome app
  • Everyone and their dog wrote off the Mavs, but dang they are playing some good ball. Sure, they aren’t going to go deep in the playoffs and they are a long ways away, but they sure are exciting to watch and we need to appreciate Dirk as much as we can. It’s nice to see him still deliver in the clutch.
  • Sure, many may think we are living in crazy times with a Trump presidency, but I think when we look at our nation’s legislative history, prohibition or the 18th Amendment actually happened. I’m curious to know what legislative act can top that.
  • Rev. Dr. Hart, I just want to say I’m proud of you. Your accomplishment is not for your glory but for His alone, but you already knew that.
  • Chris may not know or understand, and he should know who he is, but yesterday he restored my faith in humanity and reminded me of this Reagon quote which is etched on the outside of his tomb.
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Friday, February 10, 2017

  1. Nathan says:

    Thank you Keith! soli deo gloria

  2. John Mackovic says:

    I'd put Taft up there as most influential after his presidency – he was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

  3. Bryan says:

    That's interesting about finding your dad's cigarette package in the dresser. I have a dresser that belonged to my grandmother and I pulled a drawer out one time to find my great grandmother's passport behind it. I believe it had been processed sometime in the early 70s and I thought it was pretty cool since she lived in Canada for several years before she passed away (she remarried a Canadian).

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