Woman posts adventurous photos of her amputated leg

When Oklahoma native Kristi Loyall had her foot removed, she got it back in a plastic bag.

In 2011, Loyall noticed that her right pinky toe was numb. Despite a series of doctors’ visits, the numbness spread and grew painful. It turned out her foot and lower leg had cancer. As soon as her new oncologist suggested amputation, Loyall asked about keeping the severed limb.

After about a month of examining and preserving Loyall’s leg, the pathology lab sent it back to her. She passed it onto Skulls Unlimited, a company in Oklahoma that cleans and sells the skeletons of humans and animals. Skulls Unlimited defleshed the foot, dried it, put it in a tank with flesh-eating dermestid beetles. Next, they whitened the bones and strung them together in order. The process cost her $650 and took four months. Now Loyall has a skeleton foot. She takes it with her on her travels, snapping pictures for her Instagram, OneFootWander.

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2 Responses to Woman posts adventurous photos of her amputated leg

  1. hello says:

    Open mouth, insert metatarsals.

  2. John Mackovic says:

    It's great that is seems she has a sense of humor about it.

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