Everything About Mission Control Houston

It’s done in a style of Vogue’s 73 Question series (a great watch btw) but NASA didn’t really do a great job with the delivery. But I’ll give them a pass, they aren’t entertainers, they are engineers. But I I did enjoy learning a lot of new stuff.

Houston, we have a problem – there are too many questions about Mission Control. Luckily, Flight Director Mary Lawrence is here to answer as many as she can before her shift starts. Listen as she and her fellow flight controllers answer everything about Mission Control Houston: what time does it close, how many acronyms do you have to learn, is there a phone number for the space station, and many many more.

All of the flight controllers on screen are real Houston flight controllers and controllers in training.

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  1. Ben W. says:

    Sooo…I wasn't aware of the 73 Questions series, but after watching the NPH episode, I guess I'm hooked. Now I just need to find 3-4 free days to watch them all…

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