Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, January 11, 2017

  • Thanks for answering my automotive question yesterday. But I’m only somewhat thankful for those of you who mentioned the show ‘Wives With Knives’ and ‘Snapped’ because now I fear WifeGeeding will set a season pass on the DVR.
  • I’ve always put both socks on my feet first and then my shoes, but the other day I did sock, shoe, sock, shoe, and my entire day was thrown off. And I usually put on socks before pants.
  • I’ll be buying my U2 concert tickets today. Since their announcement, The Joshua Tree is now in iTunes’ top 25 in two different spots.
    • The album has climbed up the iTunes Music Store album charts in recent days, perhaps powered by both the band’s Joshua Tree Tour 2017 announcement and the fact that iTunes is selling the album for only $5.99. One of our staffers noticed the album moving up the iTunes rankings on Monday, and it’s still there today. In fact, it’s there twice. As of about 2:00 PM PT, the main album (2007 remastered version) was No. 11 on the overall album chart and the Deluxe Edition (also from 2007) was No. 22. That Deluxe Edition is currently being sold for $9.99.
  • I haven’t followed the story closely, and there are verification issues, but some are alleging President-Elect Trump of treason.

    But even if it’s true, I don’t think it comes close to Nixon sabotaging the Vietnam war peace talks by telling the South Vietnamese government he’d give them a better deal if elected. I thought the second half of this article does a great job of detailing it. But the first part of that article is worth reading because the idea of President Johnson landing Marine One on top of the Hilton Hotel in Chicago to make a dramatic entrance to the Democratic Convention to re-join the presidential race is quite interesting.
  • One of the ‘Black Mirror’ episodes WifeGeeding and I recently watched made me think of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Running Man. To my surprise, that movie is set in the year 2017. Or as Wikipedia puts it, “a dystopian United States between 2017 and 2019.” That movie was so off, after all, nothing feels dystopian and the public isn’t addicted to reality television.
  • Monopoly Will Let the Internet Vote to Replace All of the Board Game’s Classic Tokens
  • We know that Mr. Drummond of ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ was a widower, but I don’t think it’s ever stated how his wife died.
  • While I liked the content of President Obama’s “farewell” speech, I really didn’t like him having it in Chicago in front of a crowd. That speech shouldn’t be some kind of rally and that echo was distracting. He should have spoken from the White House and had an informal public “farewell” speech in Chicago. But I will say it was touching when he addressed his wife and his daughter Malia was tearing up.
  • Obama has only addressed the nation from the Oval Office three times. He’s addressed the nation other times but standing in another room in the White House, you can tell he’s not comfortable speaking while sitting down.
  • Clare Hollingworth, reporter who broke news of WWII, dies at 105
  • Honda now has a self-balancing motorcycle – ArticleYouTube
  • Meet the 22 impressive Texans on Forbes’ coveted 30 Under 30 list
  • WhataWedding: Guy dances with a bag of Whataburger at his own wedding
  • The Dallas Cowboys are accepting applications for bandwagon fans

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  1. WGII says:

    If you like to double date to the U2 concert, let me know. WGII and her hubby are happy to be the other couple!! :op

  2. John Mackovic says:

    I have a bad feeling the Cowboys have just jinxed themselves.

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