Bag of Randomness for the First of Two Fridays The Thirteenth of 2017

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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness for the First of Two Fridays The Thirteenth of 2017

  1. J. Boehner says:

    I loved the Biden moment too. Between that and the Zeke article, my heart and eyes are full.

  2. Ben W. says:

    Looks like a trip down to Austin for that Mad Men exhibit is in order. There are few shows that I miss once they sign off, but that's one of them.

    That "First Family" article states that the Trump camp has denied it. YOU'RE FAKE NEWS, GEEDING. 😉

    The Biden moment really got me, too. Such a touching, "real" moment. I'm doubtful the next four years will contain many of those.

    Good for Zeke. The more I hear about both him and Dak, the more I think the Cowboys are in good hands. As a life-long 'Skins fan, that's difficult to say. But since my son is a huge Cowboys fan, at least I can be happy for him.

  3. Triple Fake says:

    nitpicking time:
    the guy's name is Pierce BROSNAN, not Bronson.
    Sorry, but I have a peeve about misspelling or mangling names. It irritates me every time they run that spot on the Ticket and mispronounce Kay Bailey Hutchi(n)son

    • Geeding says:

      That’s not nitpicking, I should be called out for misspelling a celebrity’s name. What actually happened is that I spelled it correctly the first time but spell check said it was wrong, and I trusted spellcheck. I didn’t trust the Force. I think Junior Miller used to be upset when Al Michaels used to say Michael Irving instead of Michael Irvin. But I always double check myself when it comes to Jason Witten, I keep wanting to but an “h” after the “W”.

  4. RPM says:

    I got all warm and fuzzy watching Biden receive the PMF. I've always liked "Uncle Joe". He's a good man and has devoted his life to the American people.

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