Bag of Randomness for Friday, January, 27, 2017

  • DaughterGeeding didn’t finish her choirs before the start of ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ and we told her she couldn’t watch it until she finished all of them. I’ve never seen any person so devastated by not being able to watch ‘Diff’rent Strokes’. She “pleaded” that it was a “to be continued” episode from last night and she wanted to see how it turned out. I asked what was last night’s episode about, and she said, “I don’t know, I can’t remember, but it’s to be continued and I need to see what happens.”
  • A license plate caught my attention yesterday, and it didn’t appear to be a vanity plate. I’m leaving out the last few digits, but it was JFK 63–.
  • I was really disappointed in CBS11’s coverage of the Addison art teacher who shot a water gun at an image of President Donald Trump in the classroom. It was a stupid move on her part and shouldn’t have been done. However, CBS11 provided her name, which was appropriate, but what wasn’t appropriate was filming the front of her house with the street number clearly displayed. Anyone wanting to do harm to her or her family, and there are a lot of zealots out there, could easily harm her or her family. In less than three minutes I was able to find her house by looking at a local county appraisal website.
  • I’ve noticed the late Kidd Kraddick’s daughter has been doing commercials on radio and television.
  • There’s always that strange bit of awkward adjustment the country has when a new president starts his duties. The public is getting used to hearing “President” in front of the person’s name and wonder when he’ll have a good handle on things or fully adjusted. For me and this new president, I feel it’s going to take longer than usual.
  • About a year ago I started reading a book about presidents’ relationships with other presidents and how the acting president will often seek council from past presidents. I got sidetracked and forgot about it but started reading it again this week thanks to a reminder from a loyal reader. President Trump is so unique I’m curious to know if the following passages apply to him like it did the others
  • In much the same way about how an acting president will seek the counsel of former presidents, I wonder if Speaker Ryan has sought John Boehner’s counsel.
  • The new White House press secretary is not having a great first week –  Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer may have just tweeted his password
  • Tweets that caught my attention yesterday:
    • @LindseyGrahamSCSimply put, any policy proposal which drives up costs of Corona, tequila, or margaritas is a big-time bad idea. Mucho Sad. (2)
    • @RichOTooleHow in the world could they build a wall between Texas and Mexico.. In 15 years they still haven’t finished I-35 between Austin and Waco.
  • I realize just a few days ago I stated it’s apples to oranges comparing what goes on in politics. However, it was my understanding Republicans were very fiscally conservative and don’t want to spend funds on things unless those funds are already accounted for. So I’m surprised they are willing to go ahead and front the spending on the proposed border wall with Mexico.
  • I also get a kick out of the author’s name – O. Kay Henderson
  • The story itself is great marketing – Kraft Heinz to give all of their salaried employees the day after the Super Bowl off instead of buying multi-million-dollar game ad
  • Boeing’s New Spacesuit May Look Stylish as Hell, But It’s All Business
  • I get annoyed when the news does a story on a person who pays a tax or a fine or whatever by wheeling in pennies just to prove a point. It’s been done and covered so many times there’s no point. And maybe it’s because I’ve worked as a person who has had to count cash and coinage, but the only person who “gets the message” is the employee having to process all coinage.
  • I don’t read a lot about grand jury testimonies, but this is the funniest story about one  I’ve read which includes a professional sports team. Basically, the Yankees got in a brawl at the Copacabana nightclub when a drunk bowling team heckled Sammy Davis Jr. with racial slurs.
    • “Well,” asked a grand juror, “did you see a gentleman lying unconscious on the floor near the Copa entrance?
      “Yes I did,” Mantle answers.
      “All right. do you have an opinion as to how this could have happened?”
      Mantle thought about the question and then, with a serious look on his face, said “I think Roy Rogers rode through the Copa, and Trigger kicked the man in the head” The Grand Jury broke out laughing, and an hour later the district attorney threw out the case for insufficient evidence.
  • GIF – Man sneaks up and scares a tiger
  • Here’s a movie scene I think about often, mainly because I wonder about people’s perception of my intentions. It should be cued to the relevant part.

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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Friday, January, 27, 2017

  1. Ben W. says:

    Looks like I need to pick up a copy of Presidents Club. The four reactions in the second excerpt you posted intrigued me, because I'm pretty sure I went through the same four stages during law school (but on a smaller scale, obviously). Since more than half of our presidents have been lawyers, maybe that has been helpful experience for them to draw on.

    I think the traditional, fiscally conservative Republican is a dying, if not extinct, breed. The current GOP is unidentifiable when compared to the one you and I grew up with.

    I agree with the pay-by-coin "protest." It's narcissistic and the only person who is adversely affected is the front-line employee. I'd be willing to guess that these are the same people who yell at a hotel's front-desk employees because they couldn't get a late checkout, or who undertip the waitstaff because the meal "took too long" on a busy night.

  2. Towski says:

    I just can not grasp in my head how a tax on american consumers is having Mexico pay for the wall. ELI5.

  3. Warren says:

    Probably not the same John Paul Jones referenced.

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