Bag of Randomness for Monday, December 12, 2016

  • I don’t think I’ve noticed a Coca-Cola Christmas commercial this year.
  • There’s nothing like seeing your child react in the most confusing of ways to watching the “Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer” video for the first time.
  • I took the wife and kids to place poinsettias and an American flag on my parents’ grave at Dallas–Fort Worth National Cemetery.
    • BoyGeeding shares the same first and last name of my father. When he got out of the car to find the grave, he ran yelling, “I’M GOING TO FIND MY NAME!” I’ll admit it was a bit macabre, but I was touched that the four-year-old remembered the meaning behind his name without being prompted or reminded.
    • Not to be outdone, but DaughterGeeding has the same middle name as my mother, and her name is on the back of the headstone. She had to inform her brother that one of her names was also on the gravestone.
    • My father was among the first buried at the cemetery, he was in the ground before the official opening ceremony. He, like many others buried around him, died before it was finished being built in the year 2000, so you see many date of deaths on gravestones that predate the opening by a handful of years.
    • I’ll never forget and will always be appreciative of the cemetery representative who met with us after MomGeeding’s death. DadGeeding was already buried there, but MomGeeding was cremated. I asked about having her ashes spread over his grave and she stated it went against policy, but ended her answer by telling me she didn’t hear me ask the question.
    • A little bit of sports trivia for you, it’s also Pat Summerall’s final resting place.
    • This area has gone from being referred to DFW to North Texas, that I wouldn’t be surprised if the commentary changes its name to North Texas National Cemetery sometime before I die.
    • After I asked FianceGeeding’s parents for their permission to marry their daughter, this was the first place I visited on my way home from East Texas. One of the more touching things my mother-in-law has done was tell me she stopped by the cemetery to visit my father, this was before my mother’s death. She stopped at the visitor’s center and took the time to look up the location of the grave.
    • When it first opened, I was talking to a WWII vet who told me it wouldn’t be until the end of my life that this cemetery would fill up and start to majesty. I think he underestimated the number of vets in the area and their age. Every year when I visit, I always drive around the entire complex and amazed at how many more markers are added.
  • A diagram of Mick Jagger’s family tree
  • Army/Navy
    • My eyes may have moistened up a bit watching Verne Lundquist sign off the air for his final college football game broadcast, and it was fitting that it was for a great Army/Navy game. One item worth mentioning, just when Navy was about to sing their alma mater first in fourteen years, his broadcast partner was trying to ask him a question. In typical Verne fashion, he replied by saying they should just listen to Navy sing. Like he should, he turned the attention away from him.
    • The One Person Taking A Knee At Army-Navy Game Was The West Point Chaplain, His Reason is a Powerful One
      • West Point Chaplain Matthew Pawlikowski could be found on his knees, feet from the field, fiercely praying the Rosary for at least the last ten minutes of the game. The spinning silver Rosary never left Pawlikowski’s hands as he kissed it and kept his eyes shut tight, even as his team made crucial play after play and the audience roared.
      • “I began the game praying that no one on either side would get hurt and that God would protect all of us and those who sacrifice for our great nation. Now I’m just praying for an Army victory.”

    • He doesn’t hold back . . .
        • “I just love the armed forces,” Trump told Lundquist and Danielson. “Love the folks. The spirit is so incredible. I mean, I don’t know if it’s necessarily the best football, but it’s very good. But, boy, do they have a spirit. More than anybody. It’s beautiful.”

  • I had this bourbon at the wedding I was a part of last week and wasn’t sure why everyone was making a big deal out of, had no idea the bottle wouldn’t even be sold for another week – That time 1,000 people lined up to buy bourbon … and barely drank a drop
    • A distillery rep said they had to cap the line at 750, and turned away about 250 late-comers because in their wildest dreams they thought at most 300 people would show up. But people just kept coming, which is even more amazing considering TX Bourbon will be available at Fort Worth stores by mid-week.I had no idea of this tradition.
  • NBC has a new gameshow called “The Wall”. Wouldn’t it be great of Donald Trump was the executive producer?
  • Jerry Jones’ grandson is the quarterback for a team which will be playing for a state championship. I have no idea about his potential, but WifeGeeding brought up an interesting point – wouldn’t it be funny if the grandson has a great college career and gets drafted by a rival team?
    • I heard a local news reporter joke that Jerry Jones will finally be motivated to put up curtains at AT&T Stadium because his grandson will be playing in a state championship game there.
  • I had no idea this was a tradition.
  • Been saying for years they should be feeding this guy the ball.
  • Granted it was raining and the ball was slick, but that’s one of the worst pass attempts in NFL history.
  • I was listening to a bunch of teens talk about what kind of super power they’d like to have. One stated she would like to have the power of sleep but be able to retain everything going on in her surroundings.
  • This means Cowboys fans won’t be beaten down with Jerry Jones in Duncan Donuts commercials similar to those Papa John’s – With Jerry Jones’ deal now toast, Dunkin’ Donuts plans North Texas growth with franchisees
  • When I think of Christmas commercials, these are the first two that come to mind. I’m glad the Kisses one is still aired on television.

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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Monday, December 12, 2016

  1. Triple Fake says:

    The Hard Line was talking the other day about Mick's latest progeny. Somebody said "Right out of the chute and he's already a great uncle!" That's mind boggling.
    And one of them said something that's always puzzled me, too. Why aren't they called grand uncles (and aunts) instead of great. That would make more sense, because they're the siblings of your grandparents. The "great" moniker doesn't otherwise come into play until the fourth generation

  2. John Mackovic says:

    – That Doug Free run was the highlight of the game for me.
    – Would Jerry draft his grandson? Only if he goes to Arkansas. 🙂

  3. Andy B says:

    How was the TX Bourbon? All the hype is making me curious.

  4. Geeding says:

    I wish I could provide you with a decent answer, but my knowledge and taste buds just don't know how tell great alcohol from mediocre. However, the connoisseurs around me seemed to think it was pretty darn good. For me, it was pretty stout, so much so, it immediately put some hair on my chest which was shaved off the night before.

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