Every Time I Do Research on Cooking The Thanksgiving Dinner

I always think of this collection of scenes from ‘The West Wing’ when I’m researching ways to cook the bird each year. You know, I may just call the Butterball Hotline this year. This year, I want to use the convection roast feature on our convection ovenĀ instead of the convection bake option. I’ve only discovered the use of the convection roast feature a few months ago and I’m amazed at how well things are turning out. However, just about everything I’ve found directs me to convection bake instructions instead of convection roast.

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3 Responses to Every Time I Do Research on Cooking The Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. RPM says:

    Well…. how'd it turn out?

    • Geeding says:

      Even though I’ve owned a convection over for ten years, it was only this year that I started to use the “convection roast” feature, as opposed to “convection bake”. I used the convection roast a few times on chicken breasts and it was the best I ever cooked, so I thought I’d try it with the turkey this year. I also thought I’d give the Butterball hotline a call on using this feature, but after waiting for someone for twenty minutes the night before, I hung up. Sadly, my bird wasn’t very good – white meat was overcooked and some of the bird wasn’t cooked all the way. I probably should have used the Alton Brown method of putting tin foil over the breast to shield it from some heat. I’ve had a bad run with my turkey recently, probably because I’m experimenting two much, but then again, I gues that’s part of the fun.

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