Bag of Randomness for Monday, November 13, 2016


  • EDIT: Yup, I totally messed up with the date in the title of today’s post. It’s the 14th, not the 13th. I must be having “a case of the Mondays”.
  • DaughterGeeding passed her taekwondo test to earn a red belt on Saturday. Part of the test involves individual drills/routines, but a good portion is done with other students at the same time. The instructor asked the class to do 20 situps, and as the students perform them, you’d hear them quickly count, “One sir, two sir, three sir…” all the way up to 20. After hearing the whole class yell “Twenty sir!” and sit up, there was a moment of silence, but then you heard a tender grunt of “fourteen sir, fifteen sir, sixteen sir….”. It was DaughterGeeding. She has trouble with her situps, and with everything else, she isn’t concerned with doing things quickly, but doing them correctly, and always finishing no matter how far behind. I started to tear up, it was a sense of pride I’ve never experienced before. I could feel the other parents looking at me, and was thankful the instructor took time to recognize her efforts to do things properly upon completion. Part of me wishes I recorded the moment, but there’s another part of me that thinks the moment will be more cherished as a memory.
  • On Sunday, BoyGeeding played in the final game of the soccer season. I noticed a boy on the other team was provoking him by pushing him in the back with two hands during play. This continued three or four times, and once more when they ran to the other end of the field. After that last push, BoyGeeding had enough of it and shoved the boy so hard he fell to the ground and then the ref had to halt play thinking BoyGeeding was the lone instigator. When I was his age, I was a passive little fart and wouldn’t have done or said anything. I was proud of him for standing up for himself and told him so, but I also told him next time be sure to let the ref or coaches know what’s happening. He’s only four, and sometimes as a parent, it can be a bit hard to explain proper sportsmanship and competitiveness as well as standing up for yourself.
  • After BoyGeeding’s game, we took him to the concession stand to get his traditional snow cone. The high school girls inside were going hysterical because a bee was buzzing inside. The next thing you know, WifeGeeding marches in, shuts the door, and you see her take off her shoe and smash the poor bee against the front window. I’ve never coveted a woman more in my life.
  • One of my closest friends texted me a pic from inside Cameron Indoor Stadium on Saturday and the Dean Smith Center on Sunday. He’s on an epic college basketball tour.
  • I don’t know a whole lot about Oklahoma State University head football coach Mike Gundy, other than when he proclaimed that at the age of 40 he’s a man, but he’s now gone mullet and can pass for Billy Ray Cirus.
    (Here’s the bit more of the aftermath from the “I’m a man, I’m 40!” speech).
  • I’ve mentioned how Baylor University has a tendency to release information at a time in which it won’t get much traction in the media and even joked about it on this historic election day. At the end of the day Friday they released another.
  • In all seriousness, the Oklahoma Sooner players showed some high class with their immediate concern of the Baylor quarterback’s injury as soon as the play was over. Many of them approached him as he got carted off the field wishing him well. The Sooners have certainly earned my respect.
  • Canary by Gorji to Become Dallas’ First No-Tipping Restaurant
    • Canary appears to be the first restaurant in Dallas to join the experiment, and it’s a perfect fit. Canary has just eight tables, its cuisine is elegantly high-end and it doesn’t practice turn-and-burn seating or allow children to dine. The restaurant employs five people total, its chef-owner excluded.
  • GIF – Japanese baseball player hits ball into small section of dome roof
  • This part of New York Times article caught my attention, it would be hard for me to imagine the President not saying in the White House the majority of the time.
    • Mr. Trump, a homebody who often flew several hours late at night during the campaign so he could wake up in his own bed in Trump Tower, is talking with his advisers about how many nights a week he will spend in the White House. He has told them he would like to do what he is used to, which is spending time in New York when he can.
  • I believe Lady Bird Johnson went the longest with continued Secret Service protection, 44-years. Melania Trump is 46 and has an opportunity to beat that record, but Michelle Obama could also have a run at it. She’s 52 now, and her protection started during the election at age 45.
  • Trump chooses Breitbart News boss Stephen Bannon to be his chief strategist
  • Digg – Donald Trump Names Reince Priebus Chief Of Staff — Here’s What You Need To Know
  • Cavs are the champions of the NBA. The Cubs win the World Series. Trump is the president-elect. And the Dallas Cowboys are playing great behind the rookie duo of Prescott and Elliot. There’s just too much to take in this year.’
  • Man, seven lead changes in the Cowboys/Steelers game.
  • Why car designers stick with clayIn an age when vehicle styling teams have supercomputers and virtual reality at their disposal, a venerable — and defiantly low-tech — design tool persists.
  • Dave Chappelle is a funny man. I forgot his Lil Jon was a Longhorn’s fan. Here’s a short clip from an old skit of him sporting another Longhorn hat from back in the day.
  • The New Yorker – New York City’s Graveyard Shift – The men and women who work while the rest of the city sleeps.
  • TNT’s Ernie Johnson recently talked about his love for country and Jesus after the election, and it’s gone viral. In case you are wondering, he wrote in Ohio Governor John Kasich. Here’s a sample.
    • “I know you’re not supposed to talk about politics and religion but we’re already talking about politics so I’m gonna go the ‘R’ direction, too: I never know from one election to the next who’s gonna be in the Oval Office, but I always know who’s on the throne. And I’m on this earth because God created me, and that’s who I answer to. I’m a Christian. I follow a guy named Jesus, you might have heard of him. And the greatest commandment he gave me was to love others. And scripture also tells us to pray for our leaders, and that’s what I’m gonna do: I’m gonna pray for Donald Trump, I’m gonna pray for all those people right now who feel like they’re on the outside looking in, who are afraid at this point. I’ll pray for them, too. In short, I’m praying for America, and I’m praying that one day we’re gonna look back and we’re gonna say: ‘You know what? That Donald Trump presidency? That was all right.’ But I’m praying.”
  • There was a “super moon” last night and I tested my the super zoom on my new camera on it. I had a little trouble with focusing (the extra light may have played a factor) and holding it steady, but I still got a pretty decent shot.


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  1. Seymore says:

    I know you are just trying to keep your readers sharp, but (first!) it is the 14th.

  2. John Mackovic says:

    What I really need to know is how to pronounce "Reince Priebus"

  3. RPM says:

    Chappelle was great on SNL. The Walking Dead skit may be the funniest thing they've done in 3 or 4 years.

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