Bag of Randomness for Friday, November 11, 2016


  • I think it would have been funny if President Obama gave President-Elect Trump a framed copy of his birth certificate when visiting the White House yesterday, like a house warming gift. That would have made for some good laughs, even if it was done privately.  Or, perhaps, Obama could leave it attached to the letter the out-going president usually writes to the incoming president, or he could leave a framed one on the wall.
    • I’m not suggesting that should have been done out of spite or resentment, and I’m not even sure I’m serious about it, but the idea cracks me up and the gesture meant to show water under the bridge as the nation and two political foes move forward.
  • Though I doubt she’d accept, I think Trump should invite Rosie O’Donnell to host the next White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The symbolic gesture would go a long way.
  • His meetings in Washington seemed to show a more restrained Trump, but then he tweeted this last night. It shall be an interesting ride, folks.
  • Here’s the president-elect’s new transition website –
  • Dead Man Elected to Office in Oceanside
    • This reminds me of when then Senator John Ashcroft lost his seat to Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan back in the year 2000. Carnahan died in a plane crash about three weeks before the election.
      • Because the state’s election law would not allow Carnahan’s name to be removed from the November 7, 2000, ballot, the campaign appointed Carnahan’s widow, Jean Carnahan, to unofficially become the new Democratic candidate. Wilson promised to appoint her to the seat, if it became vacant as a result of Mel Carnahan’s win in the election. Carnahan’s campaign continued using the slogan “I’m Still With Mel.” A Senate first, Carnahan posthumously won by a 2% margin. Jean Carnahan was then appointed to the Senate and served until November 2002, when she was narrowly defeated in a special election by James Talent (R).
      • Even though Ashcroft may have lost to a dead guy, things worked out really well for him career wise. As you may recall, Bush 43 chose him as the next U.S. Attorney General.
    • When you lose a presidential election, taking a hike might be a good idea. That’s what Hillary did and a mother hiking with her daughters happened to cross paths with her.
    • Tom Selleck wrote in former Dallas police chief for president
    • I don’t see Tony Romo traveling to Pittsburgh. I’ve read he often stands during flights to keep his bad back from going stiff, and that was before his latest injury.
    • DaughterGeeding has a Taekwondo belt test on Saturday at the same time BoyGeeding has his last soccer game of the year. We’re not sure how we’re gonna work this out.
    • Ali Wentworth (Mrs. George Stephanopoulos) has a new television show on Pop TV, a channel I’ve never heard of. However, it caught my attention because of my interest in late night talk shows. It seems like it’s a bit like ‘The Larry Sanders Show’.
      • “Nightcap is a behind-the-scenes look at a late-night talk show,” explains Wentworth, 51, of the 10-episode series that will chronicle the day-to-day, backstage antics of a fictitious talk show, Nightcap with Jimmy, in which A-list celebrities stop by and make appearances as (exaggerated versions of) themselves.
    • Baylor donors call for transparency, reform of board of regents
      • Prominent Baylor alumni and donors advocated for reforming the school’s board of regents and demanded transparency from university leaders Thursday, while deflecting questions about football and whether the group would advocate for the return of former head football coach Art Briles.
    • Report: Baylor could face NCAA recruiting violation
      • Baylor offensive coordinator Kendal Briles met with the NCAA in Indianapolis on Wednesday regarding potential recruiting violations, according to ESPN. Briles, the son of former coach Art Briles, allegedly had improper contact with a recruit, according to ESPN, and Baylor is seeking to get the level of infractions reduced.  Briles, along with fellow current Baylor assistant Tate Wallis, were suspended for one game last season for committing a recruiting violation, according to Fox Sports.
    • Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
      • The college career of FIU senior tight end Jonnu Smith, the team’s premier offensive player over his four seasons and easily the Panthers’ best 2017 NFL Draft prospect, ended on Halloween when his girlfriend doused him with boiling water. According to the arrest affidavit, Smith suffered severe burns on his head, neck, back, a shoulder and an arm.
    • Leonard Cohen has died. I’m told he was a great songwriter. I’ll be honest and say I don’t really know much about him other than he had a collaboration with U2. However, I’m going to post a song of his to make it appear I’m in touch with music and pop-culture.

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