Bag of Randomness for Halloween 2016


  • WifeGeeding is on a bit of an airline lucky streak. Her flight from El Paso was upgraded to first class and her plane landed 25 minutes early. One friend made a funny observation, the airline now should owe her 25-minutes of flight time.
  • I missed the end of the Baylor-Texas game because I had to pick up that Baylor Bear from the airport.
  • I’m reminded just how hard life must be as a single-parent once I’m alone with the kids for only a few days.
  • I always liked Marty Schottenheimer, so I was bummed to hear he is battling Alzheimer’s.
  • While at BoyGeeding’s soccer game, I overheard a couple of fathers talking about college football and one quipped that Baylor has not won a January football game since 1957. I thought there was no way that could be true, but it is. They have won bowl games since 1957, but they have all been played in December.
  • Here’s another college football factoid – The 1948 Hardin-Simmons Cowboys played three bowls games in a month.
    • Packed into a converted World War II Army transport plane, the 1948 Cowboys flew from the Hardin-Simmons campus in Abilene to the Grape Bowl in Lodi, Calif., on Dec. 4; the Shrine Bowl in Little Rock, Ark., on Dec. 18; and the Camellia Bowl in Lafayette, La., on Dec. 30. They came back with two wins and a tie. It never had been done before, and it never will be done again. A year after the Cowboys’ trifecta, the NCAA passed a rule limiting college teams to one bowl appearance per year.
  • After Texas beat Notre Dame, everyone thought Texas was a good football team, but as the season unraveled, it turns out that Notre Dame was severely over-ranked. The same can be said about Baylor, especially the way they pad the start of their season with soft teams. Baylor, as usual, was over-ranked.
  • The Wall Street Journal – Baylor Regents Found Alleged Sexual Assaults by Football Players ‘Horrifying’Officials shed light on outside investigation into sexual assaults by football players that led to departure of team coach and university president
    • If the school would have released a detailed report instead of a short “summary of findings”, a lot of this would have been behind them now. However, per the Dallas Morning News – Baylor has hired a public relations firm, G.F. Bunting + Co, to deal with the scandal. The firm’s website says it specializes in helping universities defend themselves against criticism, including that involving their handling of Title IX complaints.
    • @PhillipEricksenSunday reading: Ken Starr describes years of tension at Baylor in an excerpt from his upcoming book, “Bear Country.”
      • Nothing like Ken Starr trying to profit from a scandal.
    • From Briles’ lawyer, “They are pulling their own house down to justify the mistakes they made,” Mr. Cannon said. “He’s the football coach. That’s not his job [to enforce Title IX]. That’s their job.”
    • On May 24, two days before the board said it planned to fire Mr. Briles, he addressed regents in a conference room in an office tower across the Brazos River from the $266 million football stadium that opened in 2014.
      Baylor regents said that when Mr. Briles was asked what he would have done differently, he broke down and wept. Many board members began to cry as well.
      “He couldn’t speak he was so upset, and all of us were,” Mr. Gray said. “Art said, ‘I delegated down, and I know I shouldn’t have. And I had a system where I was the last to know, and I should have been the first to know.’ ”
    • He said he was the last to know, which implies his assistants knew, and yet they are still coaching for the university. That’s unsettling.
    • “As he heard information, what did he do with it? From a moral standpoint, what is the right thing to do?” said Ron Murff, a Dallas businessman who is chairman of the board of regents.
    • Football players were involved in 10.4% of Title IX-reported incidents in the four-year period ending in 2014-15, Baylor said.
  • As a Democrat, this didn’t upset me, I found it funny – Manure Dumped at OH County’s Democratic HQ
    • I mean, come on, nothing was broken or defaced, there’s just a literal ton of manure in front of the door. Now go on about your business and just donate the manure to local farmers and community gardens and call it a day.
  • A lot of Clinton supporters, and even others who oppose her, are upset at FBI Director James Comey’s decision to notify Congress about the bureau’s review of emails potentially related to Hillary Clinton’s personal server. There’s a department policy to not comment on investigations close to an election. But on the other hand, with public distrust in the federal government at a high, wouldn’t it look just as bad, or even worst, if the news broke two weeks after the election? It would make it appear the government was trying to hide something from the American people or that the election is being rigged in her favor.
  • Jennifer Floyd Engel – ‏@engeljenAnd my only thought on WSJ-Baylor story is this is BOR brush back pitch to Briles. Msg: Keep whining and we will crush you w/facts.
  • Patty Crawford, the former Baylor Title IX coordinator who resigned after complaining that the university was blocking her effects to improve its handling of sexual-assault allegations, will appear on 60 Minutes Sports this Tuesday. The segment will be done by the well-respected Armen Keteyian.
  • Father of Texas Tech quarterback arrested at TCU game
  • They look like “normal” shingles – These are Tesla’s stunning new solar roof tiles for homes
  • Canadian student debt news – As of November 1, no single Canadian will have to repay their Canada Student Loan until she or he is earning at least $25,000 per year.
  • Boston dog feared dead in home fire found alive one month later in the burnt-out house
  • Geeding Halloween Stuff:
  • In this picture, BoyGeeding looks like he’s thinking, “Winter is coming”
  • BoyGeeding as He-Man, GirlGeeding as She-Ra.
  • I made a Lego superhero costume that has my employer’s logo on it.
  • And here are some pics of me making my costume with a bit of help. The head/helmet is made mostly of a seven-dollar tent mat from Wal-Mart and held together with hot glue sticks.


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  1. John Mackovic says:

    – I wonder how a "Tesla Glass Tile" roof would handle a Texas hail storm. They claim that it's made from "quartz glass" as if that not what all glass is made out of.

    – You did a fantastic job on those costumes.

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