Tough Kid

This kid needs his own show in which he takes Bear Grylls on a

Russian toddler survives three days lost in Siberian wilderness

Coatless three-year-old is thought to have followed puppy into snowy forest populated by wolves and bears. 

He had been playing with dogs under the supervision of his great-grandmother near his home in Khut, a village of around 400 people in the Piy-Khemsky district of the Tuva republic.

Tserin was wearing shoes but no coat when he wandered into the taiga, the snow forest covering much of Russia, and had a small bar of chocolate in his pocket. He may have been following a puppy.

He was eventually found on Wednesday after 72 hours in the wilderness, having slept in a makeshift bed between the roots of a larch tree.

He said Tserin heard his uncle calling for him, and called back.

“Once his uncle hugged him, the little boy asked if his toy car was okay. …

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