Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, September 14, 2016


  • I’m willing to bet the majority of you access this blog using some sort of RSS feed service like Feedly, so this probably doesn’t apply to you. But I’ve now updated the blog so that the banner header picture to randomly load one of twelve different images, including the old banner.
  • Why the update? Well, sometimes you land on a conference call that’s so boring you find yourself doing something mundane, like updating the header of your blog.
  • One of the first signs of true friendship (or even love) is comfortable silence, a peace of being around someone without the need of breaking silence to make things comfortable. Sadly couples who have been committed to one another for so long will often overlook that perk and accomplishment.
  • I had a minor plumbing issue and my neighbor who plays for our local NFL franchise helped. I’m not making it bigger than what it is, it was only about three minutes of help, and I made it a point not to bring up his profession one time, I just wanted to treat him like a normal neighbor, which he basically is.
  • One Louisville Slugger glove – Bazooka bubble gum sticks to its word, awards prize for contest entry submitted 59 years late
  • 7- Eleven PSA
  • GIF – A man with cerebral palsy posing during a body building competition. The younger version of myself would have laughed at this, but no I have much respect for the guy. He’s in better shape than me and has more courage.
  • The Texas Tribune – SMU Ties UT, Baylor Passes Texas A&M in 2017 U.S. News College Rankings
    • Rice University, which is ranked 15 nationally, remains the clear No. 1 in Texas. It climbed three spots from 18 last year. SMU and UT-Austin are far behind in a tie for 56. Last year, SMU was 61 and UT-Austin was 52.
    • Another year with Hardin-Simmons left off the list.
  • State Fair Treats Restaurant to Open Inside Plano Walmart
  • Buzzfeed – 25 Secrets Chick-Fil-A Employees Will Never Tell You
    • I knew at In-N-Out you can ask for “well done” fries if you prefer them crispy, had no idea you could do the same at CFA.
  • Fox wants to make a ’70s-era action movie about Stan Lee
  • Grace Gummer is a dead ringer for her mother, Meryl Streep, and she keeps popping up in a handful shows I watch like ‘Mr. Robot’, ‘The Newsroom’, and the HBO movie “Confirmation”. Most of the time, she excels, I enjoy her work.
  • Andrews, Texas – The Towns That Say “Yes in my Backyard!” to Nuclear Waste⁠⁠⁠
  • Esquire – I Spent Six Days Protecting Tupac on His DeathbedVideographer Gobi M. Rahimi recalls the rapper’s final hours on the 20th anniversary of his murder.
  • Ellis County judge got 74% pay raise 
    • At $95,000 a year, Bush says her pay is among the lowest in the county when compared to other leadership positions. So she used a little-known process called a salary grievance committee, which is found in the Texas Local Government Code. he committee is made up of nine randomly-selected Ellis County citizens who served on last year’s grand jury to hear her salary appeal. All nine agreed she deserved a raise of $70,000, even more than Bush had asked for.
  • This picture of Trump was on CNN’s homepage. I’m not saying it is, but it has a photoshop element to it, his head seems too large for his body.
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7 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, September 14, 2016

  1. RPM says:

    I like the new header setup. Sometimes change is a good thing.
    Love Grace Gummer on Mr. Robot. Had no idea she was Meryl Streep's daughter. Now that I know all I can see is her Mom's face when I look at her.

    I think that committee should have lowered the other salaries commensurate to the Judge's level. That's a lot of taxpayer money spent on civil servants.

  2. Mr. Mike Honcho says:

    Count me in on the new header love.

    Hmmm, curious about using an RSS Feed service. I never have used one of these… I still save favorites and look my blogs up one by one in a browser. Generic IT question: Is it worth it? Better with the more blogs you follow?

  3. Ben W. says:

    I like the new header, too. Good job!

    Grace Gummer is fantastic. I watch people like her and Michael Douglas and wonder, is acting something that is passed on genetically, or did they learn the skill by literally growing up watching and learning from the best? Or maybe it's both?

    I think the Trump picture just tricks your eyes because of the weird angle. I'm guessing he's leaning forward, so his head is much closer to the camera, making it seem disproportional. In addition, I'm betting it's also a distortion based on the lens used, as demonstrated here:

    • Geeding says:

      An RSS feeder reader or whatever one wants to call them is quite beneficial to me. Instead of going to 30 plus websites a day to see what's been updated, it's all in one place for me. If I see something is posted but can't get to it then, then the feeder reader allows me to save it and come back to it. There are some blogs that don't update but maybe twice a month, so I like how it will just throw it in as an updated item and I don't have to check that blog daily. I wasn't much for one until Google Reader became available, then those bastards decided not to support it anymore and I've moved to Feedly. Not great, not as good as the Google Reader, but it meets my needs. But sometimes I dream of the day of not using it, because I feel like it's a big "to do" list. Like I see there are 40 new items posted to my feed, and I have to at least check them out and get the number back to zero. I only wish I kept my email inbox that clean.

      • Ben W. says:

        Yeah, I use Feedly, too. Like you said, it makes it easy to keep up with blogs that don't update daily, and it makes for a one-stop place to review multiple blogs on one topic (for me, it's things like Disney and photography).

        But I come to Bag of Nothing directly every day. Why? Because I know it will be there. It's worth the click.

  4. John Mackovic says:

    – I love the updated headers.
    – I use feedly, but I don't read this blod through it.
    – I want to make a joke about plumbing and blocking, but I can't think of anything good.

  5. Bryan says:

    I use an RSS app on my phone to read this and other blogs purely out of convenience. It makes me less likely to comment on a topic, so I usually try (without success too often) to come back on a browser later in the day. To be honest, the only reason I started using an RSS app is because the Gawker media blogs changed their format and it was easier to read the posts in chronological order on an app. It eventually became a habit.

    One of the Chick-Fil-A hacks on the Buzz Feed post isn't much of a secret. The lemonade shake that they mention is on the menu as Frosted Lemonade.

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