Bag of Randomness for Monday, September 26, 2016


19 Oct 1992, East Lansing, Michigan, USA --- Presidential candidates Gov. Bill Clinton (L), Ross Perot (C), and President George Bush laugh October 19 after the conclusion of the third and final debate, held at the Wharton Center of Michigan State University in East Lansing. Mark Cardwell/Reuters --- Image by © MARK CARDWELL/Reuters/Corbis
19 Oct 1992, East Lansing, Michigan, USA — Presidential candidates Gov. Bill Clinton (L), Ross Perot (C), and President George Bush laugh October 19 after the conclusion of the third and final debate, held at the Wharton Center of Michigan State University in East Lansing. Mark Cardwell/Reuters — Image by © MARK CARDWELL/Reuters/Corbis
  • On Friday night we attended the Plano Balloon Festival but stopped at Chicken Express for dinner. We noticed quite a few families preferred using the Chicken Express parking lot and hiking to the festival instead of paying the five or ten dollars for parking. That did bother me, but I thought it was a jerk move on their part to take up the parking spaces nearest the restaurant’s entrance.
  • We pushed the limits of our electric car on Saturday, and it was mostly due to us letting one of the kids plug the charger into the car on our last ride, but he/she just didn’t quite plug it in enough, so we left GeedingManor with much less juice than we expected. We were in Richardson with the meter telling us we had 23 miles to get back home when we needed to travel 26, and at one point a voice played from the car’s speakers, loud enough it would have gotten anyone’s attention, to tell us we need to find a recharging station soon and it could display nearby ones on the screen. When we arrived in Carrolton with about 13-miles left to get home, we noticed the meter eventually changed from 10-miles left to “–” and the voice warning alerted us again. Thankfully, we made it home without any issue. In case you are wondering what would happen if we did get stranded, the car can’t get a boost, but Nissan will tow the car for free. And we didn’t even get to “Turtle Mode” which a lot of Leaf owners have spoken about.
  • I know DaughterGeeding is only in the first grade and I need to tap my brakes on any enthusiasm, but I was recently impressed. Her class had a science test but the teacher decided not to record the grade because the class, as a whole, did not do well. However, DaughterGeeding scored a 100. So in a way, she was almost “that one student” who broke the curve for everyone.
  • Charles Osgood’s final time as host of ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ was everything I hoped it would be, and the show will be in good hands with Jane Pauley. However, Osgood’s voice, singing, and rhymes will lead a void and I doubt Pauley brings any “bits”.
  • All I can tell you about Arnold Palmer is that I knew he was a golf great and liked lemonade and iced tea together and that drink was named after him.
  • @MikeDoocyFox4In the stands for tonight’s game. Can’t help but wonder how many fans who talked throughout the anthem complain bout players kneeling.
  • One of my big gripes about college football – elite teams playing a glamorized high school team, and not for the spirit of competition, but solely for money – Mizzou beats Delaware State in record fashion
    • Realistically, Saturday’s Missouri-Delaware State game was over when the schools signed the contract that pays the Hornets $525,000 to take a beating on Faurot Field. Missouri has never come close to losing to a Football Championship Subdivision opponent, and Delaware State might be the worst of the 16 to visit Columbia for the annual bloodbath.
    • Mizzou (2-2) led 30-0 after the first quarter, 58-0 at halftime and by the third quarter had most of its starters on the sideline. Delaware State (0-3) agreed to a shortened second half with 10-minute quarters, but that didn’t stop the onslaught.
  • Kenneth Starr says ESPN did ‘grave and serious injustice’ to Art Briles amid Baylor’s sexual assault scandal
    • “A grave injustice was done to Art Briles,” Starr said. “Coach Briles has been calumnied … it’s completely unfair.”
      • Maybe, just maybe, a grave injustice was done to the victims of sexual assault at Baylor, one of which is Stefanie Mundhenk (raped by a Baylor student who did not play football and met personally with Starr), who made five emotional tweets in regards to Starr’s interview.
      • Speaking of the turd that won’t flush, he was at the Cowboys game last night
      • Baylor wide receiver Ishmael Zamora served a three-game suspension for beating his dog. In his first game back from suspension, he caught eight balls for 175 yards and two touchdowns (all career-highs).
  • GIF – What happened to astronauts when the space shuttle’s orbital maneuvering system engines fire.
  • @NateSilver538 – CRUZ DOOMS A PRESIDENT is an anagram for ZODIAC ENDORSES TRUMP
  • D Magazine has an article about the upcoming State Fair and did a photoshop of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with a few State Fair of Texas staples. Upon first glance, I thought that corny dog was something else.
  • This is a local story, and I bet the homecoming queen is at least slightly ticked that she didn’t get most of the traditional attention that comes with the role – Texas Quarterback Passes Homecoming King Crown to Friend and Team Manager with Cerebral Palsy
  • When I first saw this photo, I thought she, along with the rest of the crowd, was waving at someone entering from the back of the room. But what’s actually happening is that everyone is trying to get a selfie. It’s an interesting world we live in now, folks.
  • In other political selfie news, I got a real kick how former President George W. Bush asks taps current President Obama on the back to take a picture of him and a few guests. It’s a little thing, but I think it’s neat how they don’t mind doing such a casual thing, but something you don’t see presidents do. And if I was the owner of that phone, I’d probably keep that thing forever, two two-term presidents have touched it. (click image to play GIF)
  • In other mistaken photo observations, when I first saw this picture of Bono, I thought it was Robin Williams.
  • If asked – IMDb will have to remove actors’ ages under new law
  • Scientists Chart The Lifetime Of A Bee In Flight PathsBees Show Off Their Personalities With Their Willingness To Explore
  • To reduce shipping damages, a Dutch bike company printed a television on their boxes
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Monday, September 26, 2016

  1. Ben W. says:

    We really enjoyed the fond farewell to Charles Osgood, too. We were hoping for Lee Cowan to take over – he has a similarly warm, friendly tone and is young enough that he could easily assume the mantle for decades as Osgood did. At 65, Jane Pauley likely won't be there for 20+ years like Osgood was, but then again, he didn't take over until he was 61, so who knows? I think she'll do fine, but our Sunday mornings will be different, for sure. I'll miss the Christmas songs and the random stories told in verse. Osgood is a class act. (And what a "vacation home" in France!!)

    The actions and attitudes of Briles & Starr are mind boggling to me. How would any university feel confident in hiring either of them? But – because money talks & football makes money – I'm sure Briles will get a job again somewhere else.

    That phone was, within the span of a minute, held by the hands that charted our country's course for 16 years. That's pretty incredible. That's something you give to your grandkids (which they probably turn around and sell on eBay – or whatever will exist then – after you're dead).

  2. ... says:

    The best thing about your ongoing comments on Baylor and Briles is the way Christ really shines through.

  3. Triple Fake says:

    I don't quite get the IMDb age thing. Casting directors, and viewers, don't really care how old an actor actually is. They/we only care about how old/young they look, or what age they can project. But in reality, it's only important if it's an age-specific role. A part of acting is if you're believable as the character, and your looks (age) have something to do with that. It shouldn't be legislated. What's next…"you're required by law to consider this fifty-year-old for the coming-of-age role"?

    Hillary photo: it's not an interesting world we live in, it's a selfie-interest world. And it's just sad that we're this self-obsessed en masse

  4. towski says:

    Get ready – Briles to LSU.

  5. Jack Meoff says:

    Tow ski is an idiot.

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