Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, August 23, 2016


  • That picture above is so old that kid’s Rams’ shirt says “Los Angeles”.
  • For homework last night, we were supposed to spend thirty minutes reading with DaughterGeeding. Lifehack – You can just put on a child’s favorite cartoon and turn on the captioning and call it even. [written in sarcastica]
  • A reader asked why I have posted anything about the Cowboys new practice facility. I’m not really sure, but they don’t mean to me what they used to mean to me. You can say that about sports overall.
  • A Life Pro Tip on Reddit that stuck with me for a while yesterday – Don’t become so obsessed with how the world should be that you become incapable of being happy in the world as it actually is. 
  • I’ve never had to fire anyone, and not sure if I could ever do it.
  • I’ve always been intrigued by Tony Robbins. Not so much that I’m a “follower” or I’ve read a book or even listened to a tape or podcast. Netflix has a new documentary on him and I decided to check it out. Within the first three minutes, you totally see why people are attracted to him and his methods. I was surprised at the amount of cursing he does, extreme and direct, and how he admits he basically created this character of Tony Robbins. It seemed like the same thing a WWE wrestler would do to create a character.
  • A minor league baseball player hit a grand slam, but the ball smashed the windshield of his truck.
  • There seems to be growing concern from a group of conservatives about the health of Hillary Clinton, that she’s hiding something. While I have no idea if any of that is true, and I agree she has a track record of not being clear and honest, I’m suspect of Trump’s health ever since his doctor released that ridiculous letter about his health which reads like a Madlib.
  • Texas Monthly up for sale
  • A GIF Comparing Legroom On Major US Airlines
  • Neighbors scrub hate messages before family sees them
  • Meet the 12-year-old behind Trump’s campaign in Jefferson County, Colorado
  • GIF – Chopping an onion
  • James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke Gives Music Artists A Huge Boost
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8 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, August 23, 2016

  1. Sara says:

    Have you seen Kumare on Netflix? Its about this guy who grew up with religion and tradition and ends up really jaded with it all, especially with all the religious leaders and even the yogis and mystics living out in the elements. So he decides to start his own religious movement to see who will believe and follow him. It is really interesting.

  2. John Mackovic says:

    I forgot how terrible those Tampa Bay uniforms looked.

  3. Mr. Mike Honcho says:

    I love today's picture. It takes me back. Way back in the '70s we had no internet. If you wanted to see the coolest, newest, must-have toys, you had three options. Go with mom when she went to the store. Watch one of the three channels for a commercial. Or anxiously wait until September when the Sears Holiday Wishbook catalog arrived. And stare at each page. Reading it for hours. Plotting what you would ask for on your Christmas list. Man, that pic brought back some vivid memories. Thanks!

    I'm stealing that life tip from Reddit you posted. Thank you.

    Firing someone – If it's necessary and its part of your job, you do it. It's not fun. But it's your responsibility. I have always told the supervisors and managers who work for me, "Firing someone should not be easy. It's not supposed to be. If it gets that way, you need to reevaluate your job."

  4. Triple Fake says:

    another tip that reveals the age of that ad: Houston Oilers!

    • Triple Fake says:

      …and the prices. You can't buy NFL (or any pro sports) gear for that cheap anymore, not even in kids' sizes – gotta pay for those mega-salaries! Plus, it looks like it says 1980 under the Sears logo

    • John Mackovic says:

      Earl Campbell jersey!

  5. Towski says:

    My wife's architecture firm did the Star. She didn't work on the project, but a good friend of ours did.

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