Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, Aug 9, 2016

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  • Finished watching Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ and I can’t say enough good things about it. Spoiler-free thoughts to come at a later posting.
  • While watching the Olympics last night, I noticed when a swimmer completes the race and hits the wall, the time will automatically display and an OR or WR will appear if an Olympic or world record is broken. Oddly, I think about the programming or coding that goes behind that display, especially the if statement and multiple conditions depending on the time and what record or records are broken.
  • A Russian swimmer was actually booed by the crowd yesterday, something to do with performance-enhancing drugs in the past. But man, she was attractive. More importantly, Lilly King showed her who was boss, more on that in a link provided later.
  • At some point, a swimming or sprint time has to become so short that it’s unbreakable, right? Diet, nutrition, supplementation, exercise, training, clothing, running surface, technology – there’s got to be a point in which all that can be done is done, no?
  • On Norm’s show yesterday, his guest was Larry Wansley, the Dallas Cowboys director of security.
    • Here’s an old article about him from when he was hired by Tex Schramm back in 1983 – Ex-FBI agent Larry Wansley says he’ll help Dallas Cowboys…
    • I remember watching a Monday night game with my dad when Tom Landry received a death threat and was escorted off the field (videoarticle). I’ve had a hard time finding details about the event for the longest time, but he provided a few, though some of his details don’t match up with the articles I found online:
      • When Landry was informed, he handed his headset and clipboard to a wide-eyed Danny White and told him to take over. Funny thing, but when I think of Tom Landry, I never think of him with a headset. Here’s an article about him first starting to wear it. Oddly enough, it’s the same year/season this story takes place, 1986.
      • Landry was asked to call plays from either the locker room or press box, but stated he trusted the security and that he needed to be out there with his men. He was given a flak jacket (per the article) and wore that underneath his clothing.
      • If I heard Wansley’s story correct, he told players about the incident and that they all should help form a line behind Landry to help protect him. A lot of them replied with a “shhhhesh!” and you didn’t see any stand close to their coach. However, video doesn’t really support that statement.
    • That was Jim Everett’s rookie year and he threw for 418 yards that game. Steve Pelluer was the Cowboys QB, he threw for 173 yards, no touchdowns, and two picks. White was injured and in street clothes. Cowboys kicker and childer molester, Rafael Septien, made a 48-yard field goal.  More game stats here.
    • Interestingly enough, the Cowboys will be playing the Rams this year for each team’s first preseason game. Tex Schram was once employed by the LA Rams.
    • In an episode of The Simpsons, Homer buys Landry’s trademark fedora in an effort to improve his leadership qualities. Here’s a clip. More on that episdode here.
  • Disney builds stone wall at lake where alligator killed boy
  • Swedish church to use drones to drop thousands of electronic Bibles in ISIS-controlled Iraq
  • The new season of HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ starts tonight starring the LA Rams.
  • Baptist pastor in Alabama said he lost his job because he invited black children to VBS. The deaconship says it’s because the pastor didn’t do a good job with visitation.
  • More and more women are now dying in childbirth, but only in America
    • They think maternal deaths are rising because of the rising toll of chronic diseases. Thirty years ago, women died in the delivery room because of hemorrhages and pregnancy-induced blood pressure spikes. Now they are much more likely to die because of preexisting chronic conditions like heart disease or diabetes.
  • My interest in sports is slowly dissipating, but I still like to scan Peter King’s MMQB. Items of interest:
    • The Carolina Panthers invited a high school football team to practice with them. That, it pretty darn cool, and an experience those kids will never forget.
    • I had no idea the Hall of Fame Game was canceled, and it was all because of the paint on the turf which created patches both slick and rock-hard. This was disappointing to ESPN because it was not only going to signify the official start of this NFL season with preseason play, but ESPN was going to debut their new pregame crew and announcing team. The game is usually on NBC, but I’m guessing ESPN got the rights because of the Olympics.
    • The turf at the stadium, which is mainly used for high school games and next t the Pro Football Hall of Fame, was so bad last year that Steelers kicker (and former Cowboy) Shaun Suisham suffered a career-ending ACL injury.
    • The “new” turf at the stadium was installed in the summer. It was the surface used in the Superdome for the 2016 Sugar Bowl. That makes me wonder how often are new fields for certain events are recycled, perhaps purchased by high schools and small colleges.
    • As corny as it might be, I liked the new tradition of the Hall of Fame Game. Before it starts, both teams line up midfield as each new Hall of Famer is introduced. It’s a great symbolic gesture of honoring the past and welcoming in the new. It must be an overwhelming experience for some free agent just fighting for a spot on special teams.
  • Peter King was a huge influence for this blog. It’s his “Ten Things I Think I Think” that got me started posting my random thoughts and links. And it was his format of numbered and alphabetical lists in “Ten Things” that got me using the bullet point format. It’s easy to read, and if you hit a topic you don’t care for, it’s easy to skip over to the next bullet point.
  • I always this looked distinguished and cool – Navy says goodbye to aquaflage, hello to camouflage uniforms
  • Florida tourism has to be hurting with all this Zika talk.
  • Buzzfeed Olympic stuff
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, Aug 9, 2016

  1. John Mackovic says:

    "Oddly, I think about the programming or coding that goes behind that display, especially the if statement and multiple conditions depending on the time and what record or records are broken."
    – You do QA, right?

    – Why does the Navy need camouflage? I always thought that those blue outfits would make sailors harder to rescue if they went overboard.

  2. Ben W. says:

    Tourism is down in Florida, and not just because of zika. They get a lot of their visitors from overseas – specifically the UK, Canada, and Brazil. Thanks to Brexit, UK visitors are down; thanks to a decline in the Canadian dollar, Canadian visitors are down; and thanks to a weak Brazilian economy and the Olympics, Brazilian visitors are down. Add in zika concerns, and yeah, Florida's tourist trade is not doing so great.

  3. AndreaJN says:

    We enjoyed Stranger Things, too. Binge watched the whole season 🙂

    While watching Olympic gymnastics and the score board, I was wondering what font they were using for names, because I really liked it. So I enjoyed your comment about the programming or coding.

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