Bag of Randomness for the First Day of August 2016


  • I took Friday off work to spend some time with the family, and I was taken hostage and kidnapped. Or I pleasantly agreed to take them to Waco and visit a children’s’ museum (Mayborn Museum Complex) as well as some of WifeGeeding’s sentimental places. WifeGeeding’s mother grew up in Waco, and I mentioned before, WifeGeeding’s grandfather was a Baylor trustee and bank president among other things. That shirt I’m wearing is about twenty years old and was the same one I wore when WifeGeeding first told me she loved me at the Browning Library on the Baylor campus.
  • We haven’t bought gas for the SUV since late June and buying LeafGeeding, but I had to fill up for the road trip.
  • A Wise (County) blogger once wrote:
    • Take your wife back to where she grew up and hand her the keys. Then say “show me what’s important to you.” Then shut up and listen as she takes you on a tour.
    • For the most part, I did that. But this time, it was the kids’ turn to listen and tune her out.
  • As we drove to and fro from Waco, I thought we were in the middle of a ‘Twilight Zone’. I35 was clear of all congestion and construction. For the most part, I could just put the SUV on cruise without tapping the brake.
  • I’ve been to the Czech Stop and Little Czech Bakery four or five times now, and never understand what the hubbub was about. But now my palate is a bit more sophisticated and I have a better understanding of why it’s loved. It may not knock your socks off, but there’s a level of quality and local uniqueness I get.
  • We spent some time walking around campus, and I tried my best to refrain from jokes, especially one relating to the scandal. But one slipped out when we walked through a door with the name “DRAPER”.  The glass door wasn’t very clean and I thought I saw a period after the “D”. So I said, “D. Raper?….Date raper?” WifeGeeding may have only one eye, but she can give one hell of an evil eye with that thing.
  • To my surprise, I saw a lot of different college shirts on the Baylor campus. When I was a student at little-ole Hardin-Simmons, you’d see it all the time, but Baylor is what a consider a “big” university since they are nationally known and part of major sports conference.
  • These were posted on every bathroom door. Now if they would only release the report, which can’t be released, since it was only provided orally.
  • We’ll probably put this pic in a frame and send it to grandma.
    Screenshot 2016-07-31 at 8.14.27 PM
  • In the museum, two married but retired Baylor professors were volunteering their time. One of them was known for teaching “football science”. At least that’s what WifeGeeding claimed it was called because it was supposed to be a super easy “A” and a lot of football players took the class. The professor actually taught WifeGeeding’s mother, WifeGeeding, her brother, and sister. He told me, “I volunteer here because there are children. And where there are children, there are perverts.” He then said something about undercover cops.
  • The museum had several old west buildings. In the church, BoyGeeding led a revival, but no one showed up.
  • By far, our favorite part was the bubble room.

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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness for the First Day of August 2016

  1. Ben W. says:

    I was down in the Austin area this weekend and had to drive I35 back home yesterday afternoon. I envy your traffic-free drive.

    I've stopped at Czech Stop quite a lot in my travels up and down I35. Yesterday, though, we went across the highway to Slovacek's because of the crowd at Czech Stop. Gotta say, due to the amenities (ample parking, super-nice restrooms, bakery selection), we'll be stopping there from now on. Czech Stop is good, but for little-to-no difference (to my undiscerning palate) in quality and improved convenience, we'll go to Slovacek's. Pro tip: try the Big Boy – a klobasnek with (really great) sausage, cheese, and jalepenos. Darn it, now I'm hungry. Thanks, Geeding.

    We concur re: Magnolia Market. It's not really our style, anyway, but even if it was we were shocked at some of the prices.

  2. Mr. Mike Honcho says:

    Glad you got to enjoy the weekend with the fam. Pics look like you had a great time.

    Re: Czech Stop… I have to concur with Ben. We always enjoyed stopping there but the ridiculous lines and lack of parking have converted us to Slovacek's as well. And for all the same reasons he lists. I couldn't taste any differences between the Czech Stop, Czech Bakery, and Slovacek's. I recommend you try it next time.

    Re: Magnolia… I think it caters to two types; 1.) Those who are huge fans of the show 2.) Those whose budget is significant enough to not care how much the stuff they are buying actually costs to make. We did the whole experience and my wife thoroughly enjoyed it… because she loves the show. And for the record, it is a pretty good show.

  3. ALEC says:

    Baylor is moving (slowly?) toward Penn State territory. The more that comes out, the more disgusted I'm…

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