Bag of Randomness for Friday, August 12, 2016

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  • Watching Simone Manuel’s reaction after her swim, looking at the board, and realizing she’s won the gold was priceless. She’s the first African-American woman to win an individual swimming medal. She was born in Sugarland, TX.
    • She actually tied for the gold. What’s interesting is that when that happens, no silver medal is awarded. But isn’t it strange that a tie can happen in a timed event with all the technology used.
  • Ryan Lochte owns 12 Olympic medals, but I still kinda felt for the guy when he didn’t medal in his last swim of his career, or at least his last Olympics. It seemed that even Michael Phelps was a bit subdued in celebrating his win, like he was being sensitive to his friend and roommate, Lochte, in the neighboring frame.
  • So very cool of the Baltimore Ravens to stop play during their pre-season game and air hometown boy Michael Phelps’ race.
  • NBC had a nice bit with the countdown for the next Michael Phelps swim.
  • Best of AngryPhelpsFace – But’s it’s this Star Wars version that made me LOL – GIF
  • NBC likes to use the Skycam, that video camera that moves above the pool and connected by cables. I keep wondering what the Olympics rules are if that thing malfunctions and falls into the pool, especially right in front of a swimmer about to win or break a record.
  • The Telegraph – NBC criticised for ‘worst ever’ Olympic coverage in America
    • The columnist seems to have high regard for Fox News and Matt Drudge.
    • Some of her comments are legit, others are just pro-Brit and too biased.
    • The broadcaster providing America’s coverage of the Olympics has been accused of failing viewers – with complaints about excessive advert breaks, sexism from presenters, poor commentary and patronising attitudes.
    • John Miller, NBC Olympics chief marketing officer, claimed a month before the Olympics that women were more interested in “the journey” of each competitor than the sport itself.
    • Well, they are broadcasting to the U.S. afterall – With the US being home to so many people with links to other countries, it seems bizarre that NBC have chosen to focus so strongly on US athletes, to the exclusion of all other nations.
  • GIF – Grandparent’s reaction to their grandson winning Olympic gold
  • I can never remember the legendary gymnast coach’s name, Béla Károlyi. Instead, I usually refer to him as Bela Lugosi.
  • Canadian swimmer Santo Condorelli flips off his father before every race.
  • Some Brazilian gymnast girl used Beyonce and JayZ music in her routine last night, which was a bit surprising. Well, the non-lyrical version.
  • Supergirl and The Flash to team up for a two-part musical episode
  • Buzzfeed – This Is Why Some Olympic Gymnasts Are Wearing Socks
    • “The half socks the gymnasts wear help reduce friction and protect feet while practicing and performing these turning elements,” University of Arizona gymnastics coach Tabitha Yim told INSIDER. “Some gymnasts don’t need the socks because they do not perform any major turning elements while others feel the socks are distracting during their other skills.”
  • Two first-world problems to report:
    • My refrigerator has an automatic ice maker as well as an ice and water dispenser on the door. However, the water filter is only attached to the water dispenser, not the ice maker, so my ice never tastes very good. I use an ice tray to make my own ice with filtered water.
    • T-shirts should be easy to buy, but it’s hard to find one that fits right for me, and all large and extra-large tees aren’t universally the same size. Sometimes the neck is too small or the sleeves are too tight, and if I happen to find one in which my neck and arms are comfortable, the length is too long.
  • If you are a fan of Aesop’s Fables, the Library of Congress has a pretty nifty interactive version of it online, as well as their app.
  • Here’s an interesting Buzzfeed post about how the vault in gymnastics has changed over the years.
  • YouTube – Star Wars: Rogue One (Trailer 2)
  • The NFL is too often a fuddy-dud – NFL won’t allow Cowboys to wear decal supporting Dallas police on their helmets
  • I like to say “butter” the way it used to be said in those old Parkay commercials.
  • If you need a little break from the Olympics and looking for something to watch, I thought I’d recommend Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’, if I haven’t already. I plan on posting some spoiler-free thoughts about it soon, but I will say Winona Ryder took a big risk with this role, and she was great.
    • This article will show some of the ones they chose not to go with, and they still look great – How the Stranger Things Titles Came Out So Perfectly Retro
      • For the glowing red titles, the Duffers turned to Imaginary Forces, the design house known for the opening of Mad Men.
      • The effect is one that primes the viewer for a trip to a paranormal ’80s world. Like the show, the title is an unfolding mystery. Just what are we looking at here? It’s sinister, red, and bleeding like electric lava across the screen.
  • Ottilie (pronounced OTT-ti-lee) – Parents Changed Their Baby’s Name At 3 Months Old Because No One Pronounced It Right
    • Kessler said she was used to hearing the name pronounced in the UK, where people pronounce their Ts more like Ds. In an American accent, the name just didn’t sound right. People were pronouncing the name “Oddily,” she said, which…wasn’t great.
    • Still a better name than Keith, which is always misspelled “Kieth”. People always cite that stupid rule of “i before e except after c” even though that ain’t always the case, even with a “long e” – protein, seize, caffeine, either, neither, deity, theist, being, seize
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  1. Bryan says:

    The clock for Michael Phelps last night was actually a count-up clock from the end of the first race to the start of the next one. They initially said he would have about 25 minutes in between, but I believe they were pretty off schedule by the time the next finally started.

    I've heard a lot of buzz about how bad the NBC coverage supposedly is this year, but I've felt like it was on par with recent years. I would go so far as to give this year a slight edge because the late-night show with Ryan Seacrest is really entertaining. The commercials during prime time are enough to drive me nuts, but I haven't noticed it being as bad during other times of day.

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