New York police officers overwhelmed by Texas hospitality

During their stay in Dallas, the New York officers went to dinner at a steakhouse to eat as a family and celebrate the memory of their fallen brothers. 

People at the restaurant came to their table to take pictures, give thanks and share their condolences.

When the officers picked up their tab, they were overwhelmed by Texas hospitality. Each table at the restaurant had tried to cover the officer’s tabs, the Bronx officer told News 8.

“Honestly, when we learned people in the restaurant (each table) attempted to pay every portion of our tab my eyes started to water,” said Donato.

Donato said that he appreciates everything this state has shown him as a visitor over the past couple of days.

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One Response to New York police officers overwhelmed by Texas hospitality

  1. Larry says:

    I spent the 4th weekend in NYC and spoke to several officers while there. They were all very friendly and courteous. The City was prepared for action at every attraction with airport like security everywhere.

    I felt safe & secure throughout the weekend activities. Unfortunate that we had to go through that, but it kept us all safe. Except for the guys in Central Park that left homemade fireworks where they could be encountered.

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