Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, July 20, 2016


  • Yes I’m sick, but I’m not referenced in this article – First human case of Zika virus in Lewisville prompts spraying
  • I wonder what happens to prizes won by contestants on ‘The Price is Right’ if they don’t want them. For example, if they won a bookcase and a sewing machine but don’t want those items, is there an option to donate them directly to charity or do you have to accept them and then donate or sell them.
  • I can’t figure out what’s a bigger small victory in life, when your checkout balance at register contains no cents (such as $44.00 or $5.00) or switching lanes in a car and not running over any of those Botts’ dots.
  • I wonder if Roger Ailes is out at Fox News, will one of Murdoch’s sons take over.
  • Report: George W. Bush is worried he’ll be the last GOP president
  • I was trying to find the meaning or significance to Captain James T. Kirk’s middle name, Tiberius. I was certain Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry, was aiming for some sort of symbolism. All I could find was that was his grandfather’s name. I did find a few references which state in several Star Trek stories, none by Roddenberry or part of Star Trek canon, that say many Kirk first born males were given the name of Roman Emperors with the hope that they would achieve greatness.
  • To clarify my Star Wars comment from yesterday (spoiler alert) – I took the director’s comment very literal (which maybe I shouldn’t have), that the next film would start at the exact point Rey meets/finds Luke and she presents him his old lightsaber, and the film just carries on from that moment. If that’s the case, and unlike the other films, literally no time would have passed, so there wouldn’t be need for a crawl to catch us up on anything. But I’m very prone to misinterpret things, and I guess the crawl could catch us up on other things going on in the galaxy during the time it took Rey to find Luke.
  • Everytime Baylor has a chance to move forward it seems like they purposely want to take a step back, their interim head coach had some odd answers and statement. And with no other coaches let go, the school is making it looking like Art Briles was solely responsible and at fault, like he’s Colonel Nathan Jessup ordering the Code Red.
  • WifeGeeding asked me why I keep a certain old Polo shirt around. I reminded her it was the shirt I was wearing when she told me, “I love you.” It was at the Armstrong Browning Library at Baylor, and I showed her the picture to prove it. She states she’s never said that to any other person outside of family, and you have no idea what that means to me.
  • Colbert has had some really solid shows this week.
  • Google has a new app for museum lovers
    • It’s called Google Arts & Culture, and it’s a tool for discovering art “from more than a thousand museums across 70 countries,” Google writes on its blog. More than just an online display of art, though, it encourages viewers to parse the works and gather insight into the visual culture we rarely encounter outside the rarified world of brick-and-mortar museums.
  • Connecticut man that suffered heart failure returns to bodybuilding training with backpack heart
    • As there were no organs available, he was fitted with a pacemaker and an artificial heart – which he now carries around in a bag on his back. Despite his brush with death, he is now back to the gym and said he cries after workouts as he feels so ‘thankful to be alive’.
  • A 91-year-old woman finished a crossword puzzle that was actually art in a museum
  • GIF – I’ve never seen a cucumber peeled like this.
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10 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, July 20, 2016

  1. Triple Fake says:

    I've heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but that's a new one! Must be tough to do a bench press, though. Does he keep it on a chain, like a biker's wallet? But seriously, I can attest to the wonders of a pacemaker. My dad got one a while back after many years of heart trouble. He says the only downside is that he had to sell his arc welder, and he can't keep his phone in the left shirt pocket

    I always consider it a small personal victory to miss the dots when changing lanes, especially at a high rate of speed. (Relieved I'm not the only one!) That's a bigger deal than the register transaction, because your actions determine the results; it's not random.

    I think it would be a cool footnote in history to be the last GOP president. The conservative half of the country would still maintain a presence, but with a different name. If no conservative ever got elected again, the blame could be placed on all the weak nimrod candidates. Of all the people who are eligible to run for office, how do we not have a single one that hits all the right notes?

    museum crossword: If that's a piece of art, I've got a big stack of art at home if anybody's interested, prices negotiable. And how do you mistake that for something other than a work of art when you find it in a museum?

    • towski says:

      I work in an art museum. Can I call and negotiate pricing for your collection?

      • Triple Fake says:

        I'll have to sort the collection into daily/Sunday piles. Just be aware that the pricing is scaled to the degree of difficulty, meaning Monday and Tuesday works of art will be more accessible than the masterpieces from Friday-Sunday

  2. Ben W. says:

    TIL: those highway markers are called "Botts' dots." Thanks, Geeding!

    I share your interpretation re: Ep. VIII. I think we'll get the crawl telling us about what's going on in the rest of the galaxy while Rey was traveling, and then it will end with something like "After a long search, Rey has finally located LUKE SKYWALKER…" and then it will cut to her holding the lightsaber, and go from there. We know that scene was shot, because they released footage of it to announce the beginning of production.

  3. DF of LL says:

    RE: Price is Right and other game shows

    You can get accept a cash equivalent if you don't want the product, but you pay taxes asap on your winnings, you only walk away with your net after taxes.

    So when you see someone winning 25K on a game show, they only walk away with 15-20K depending on what state the game show is being played.

    • Ben W. says:

      And, IIRC, you pay state income tax, if applicable. So winning a prize in California means you get the pleasure of filing a state tax return in California, in addition to your federal return. Oh, and if your home state also has state income tax, you get taxed there, too, but you get a credit for what you paid in the other state.

      Oh, and you get taxed on the MSRP. And since all that "prize money" is income, you're possibly going to get bumped into a higher tax bracket, so you pay a higher percentage on all of your income for that year.

      Come on down, indeed.

  4. DF of LL says:

    RE: Bott dots

    Back in my day, called the pavement pimples.

  5. Barry says:

    Re: Botts’ dots

    I remember them being referred to as city titties.

    • DF of LL says:

      That name was reserved for the big round lane separators, like between left turn lanes and flow thru lanes. There were tons of those in and around central expressway back in the day.

      Another name we used for those real big ones was elephant t**ds.

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