Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, July 12, 2016


  • WifeGeeding didn’t believe me when I told her I could fit into her Daisy Duke like jean shorts, but I didn’t. She didn’t think I’d take her up on the dare to go to our friend’s house for dinner in them, but I did. Go ahead and tease me all you want, just do more than take the low-hanging Caitlyn Jenner jokes. I think WifeGeeding is going to post the pics to Facebook.
  • I read a tweet yesterday which stated only the first five U.S. Presidents have not been photographed. I did a little research, and that appears to be true.
  • Of all the things that happened yesterday regarding the aftermath of the Dallas shooting, I felt like Parkland Hospital Dr. Brian H. Willams words stood out the most
    • “I want my daughter to see me interacting with police that way so she doesn’t grow up with the same burden that I carry, when it comes to interacting with law enforcement,” Williams said. “And I want the Dallas Police to also see me, a black man, and understand that I support you, I will defend you and I will care for you. That doesn’t mean that I do not fear you. That doesn’t mean if you approach me, I will not immediately have a visceral reaction and start worrying for my personal safety. But I will control that the best I can and not that let impact how I deal with law enforcement.”
  • It’s interesting to think how Dallas Police Chief David Brown came close to losing his job within the last year but now will almost be untouchable. I’m not a citizen of Dallas, but I never had a problem with him and thought he’s always been doing a great job. It’s a bit sad it takes an event like this for people to notice how he’s changed DPD for the better.
  • I feel like President Obama will have visited Dallas more than any other sitting president. Mr. Bud Kennedy, if you are reading this, please fact check me on that.
  • My place of employment has an online bulletin board where employees can post various announcements or whathaveyou. One such person in D.C. wanted to extend her thoughts and prayers to the families of the Houston police regarding the recent tragedies. Instead of correcting her in a reply to her post for the rest of our work community to see, I just sent her an individual email stating I think she confused Houston and Dallas.
  • I’m not saying I’m for or against Black Lives Matter, but some folks affiliated with them decided to stop traffic on 75 yesterday with banners stretching the width of the highway. I will say that is a stupid and dangerous way to get attention.
  • I read up on this whole Pokemon Go phenomenon and have concluded it’s a stratagem deployed by the CIA to track civilians, just like they did with Facebook. (Written in sarcastica.)
  • Gordon Keith shaved his beard.
  • Shortest possible path through every ZIP code in the U.S
  • I’ve got a lot of respect for Tim Ducan, I just wish he’d admit to committing more than four fouls in his entire career. I’d contribute money if his future statue was with his hands up and with “who me?” face. If I recall correctly, the Spurs were lucky to be in a spot to draft him. David Robinson and a lot of the Spurs were injured for most of the previous year, that lead to a horrible regular season record which set them up with a good draft pick.
    • Huge contrast between his retirement and Kobe Bryant’s, two vastly different personalities. All of the hardware, none of the arrogance. No Players Tribune or SI or television special, just a simple press release from his team.
  • For the fans of DFW Restaurant Week (I’m looking at you WifeGeedingII)
  • Matthew 6:6 – But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, July 12, 2016

  1. John Mackovic says:

    – Tim Duncan got his Bachelor's degree in Psychology. He was just playing mind games with the refs.
    – The Spurs were really lucky to get the #1 pick back in 1997. (I think they had something like a 16% chance of winning the draft lottery) Their brilliant move was not to trade that pick and take Duncan when they already had an MVP-caliber center in the prime of his career.

  2. Ben W. says:

    We've certainly become a culture that proudly ignores Matt. 6:6, haven't we?

  3. towski says:

    Surely George W. Bush visited Dallas more than Obama, right?

  4. WGII says:

    shall we set a date with WGI and us? this made me happy!!!

  5. AndreaJN says:

    Love that heart made from US states picture!

    WifeGeeding "II"??

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