Bag of Randomness for the last Friday of July 2016


  • I was so disappointed that Katy Perry didn’t bring either Left Shark or Right Shark last night.
  • I had no idea Chelsea Clinton earned a PhD. from Oxford until yesterday. All I knew about her education was that she attended Sidwell Friends and Stanford. But after last night, I know she likes dinosaurs.
  • I also had no idea Bill Clinton as a fan of the Police Academy movies.
  • Political differences aside, and no doubt it’s a staged photo, but this is still a touching photo.
    Screenshot 2016-07-28 at 9.17.26 PM
  • Armchair political consultant – I would have had Hillary start off her speech chocked up talking about how proud she was of Chelsea. However, Frank Luntz criticized her for having the Chelsea thanks on the teleprompter. Hey Frank, it’s a speech, it’s okay to write it all out. But I did think it was odd the entire text of her speech was posted on Politico as she was giving it. I actually started to speak her lines ahead of her and WifeGeeding was giving this weird look like I was possessed.
    • I get a kick out of when staunch conservatives complain about the how the term “climate change” is used over “global warming” and blame it on tree hugging liberals. It was actually Luntz suggestion that the Bush administration use it. At the time, he was a consultant for that administration’s communications team. It’s okay if they don’t believe it and gripe at the terminology, just know it was done by a fellow conservative.
  • It was smart of her to include Bernie early in her speech, I thought those supporters were going to interrupt that speech.
  • Man, the Dems overdid it with the balloons and confetti. Bill and Hillary aren’t young, I was worried one of the was going to break a hip. Imagine that scene, Hillary campaigning in a wheelchair with a full leg cast. Bill does love his balloons.

  • Norah O’Donnell, of CBS News, looked elegant last night. It was a very Jackie Kennedy look.
  • I thought Kareem’s funniest moment would forever be his performance in Airplane! but this line last night might top it. Maybe he had the fish.

  • Maybe equally jaw dropping, but not at the convention, was the answer Stephen Colbert gave a college student on what he’d ask Trump (language warning).
  • NC GOP mistakenly attacks Kaine for ‘shameful’ pin
    • The North Carolina GOP mistook a pin Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) wore on his lapel while speaking at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday for the flag of Honduras, calling it a shameful move on the part of the vice presidential candidate. Kaine was actually wearing a Blue Star Service pin for his son, who is a deployed Marine. 
  • The most touching part of the convention last night was the speech by a Muslim immigrant whose son, an Army captain, died fighting in Iraq.
  • I guess Republicans and Democrats have a friendly agreement to swap which convention goes first each election cycle. But wouldn’t it be neat if both were going on at the same time, that they would have to compete for air time between the networks?
  • I fell for a fake Trump tweet yesterday, hook, line, and sinker, and posted it on this blog for a while. When I first saw the Tweet, I saw the Twitter checkmark verification icon, so I thought it was legit. I either imagined seeing it or it was photoshopped and I was mislead. I dunno, but I do know I’m eating some humble pie right now.
  • Forbes/Opinion – Rick Perry: Black Lives Matter — And So Does Black Liberty – I was surprised as well well Perry presented this.
  • Oftentimes when everyone is asleep and I’m still up, I’ll get sentimental and reflective, and realize that I don’t do things that I should, like tell WifeGeeding how much I appreciate all she does to try to make me happy. But it’s one of those things in which I just don’t have the courage to say, so I’ll often write a short note on her mirror with a dry erase marker so at least she knows that I recognize her efforts. But to even it out, I’ll also leave disparaging messages from time to time.
  • While reading Larry Bird’s Wikipedia page, I discovered this nugget:
    • Twitter’s logo is named Larry in honor of Larry Bird
  • Here’s a bit of random presidential trivia – Who was the first president to use a teleprompter?  Herbert Hoover.
  • GIF – These two really love each other.
  • Girl dies after elephant throws stone in Morocco zoo
  • Rock & Roll Hall of Fame plans massive U2 celebration
  • Matt Damon: ‘Seeing U2 play in Ireland was a bucket list-type thing’
  • Only Peter Mayhew can authentically wear that shirt.
  • ‘Sesame Street’ says goodbye to Bob, Luis and Gordon as cast members are let go
  • Norway considers giving mountain to Finland as 100th birthday present
    • Norwegian government considers shifting border to gift its Nordic neighbour a peak that would become its highest point
  • Calif. 6-year-old granted wish to be garbage man for a day
    • On Tuesday, the 6-year-old with cystic fibrosis got his wish, riding shotgun in a booster seat through Sacramento as an honest-to-goodness garbage truck driver with a set of wheels labeled “Ethan’s Garbage Truck.” He donned a green cape that read “Hero Ethan” and a big smile as the truck stopped to pick up trash and recyclables.

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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness for the last Friday of July 2016

  1. Ben W. says:

    The speech by the father of the fallen Muslim soldier was enormously powerful. Yet, I can guarantee the next time there is a terrorist attack by someone claiming to be Muslim, conservatives will be yelling "Why don't Muslims stand up and condemn this?!?!"

    By tradition, the party that currently holds the White House has its convention last.

    In a follow-up statement, Sesame Street Workshop said that the characters will continue to appear in both the current and next season. But the wording isn't clear – it sounds like they'll be appearing simply because the show will be re-airing old segments, not filming new ones with those characters. End of an era, to be sure. Those guys are all pretty "senior" at this point.

  2. Dan C. says:

    If you'll notice, she looks down all the time where she walks. Does she have a balance/ neurological disease? Is this why she fell some years ago? If so it's being kept from us, and it wouldn't be the first time.

  3. Nathan says:

    I honestly don’t know how any American could watch both of these conventions and still vote for Trump. The DNC was quintessentially American, while a RNC was something entirely alien to the historical fabric of this nation.

    I thought these reviews of the DNC from Republicans were very telling:

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