Bag of Randomness for Friday, July 8, 2016


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  • What a horrible day for our community nation last night.
  • KTVT’s Ken Molestina had a heck of an exclusive during the chaos. When DPD released the suspected shooter’s photo (which was plastered all over the national news and social media), Molestina was able to interview his brother who eloquently stated his brother’s innocence. The brother went on to state that once the shooting occurred, he made his brother hand his AR15 to an officer to avoid being mistaken as the shooter. He further stated the AR15 was unloaded and his brother was just exercising his Second Amendment right. He went on to say his brother’s cell phone was dead (talk about bad timing) and that right after the shooting, his brother was standing next to him when Molestina earlier interviewed him – so Molestina was standing right next to the suspect shortly after DPD released a photo of him. It’s my understanding that the suspect matched the description of the suspected shooter, specifically, the camo shirt.
  • Molestina, a few times, refused to show police on camera because he didn’t want to sacrifice any strategic planning they might be doing.
  • It was interesting watching KTVT last night as anchor Doug Dunbar kept asking for the bottom banner to be removed to get a better picture of what was going on or to showcase something important.
  • The moment Megan Kelly realized the police they were showing on live television might be dead. I’m actually uncomfortable posting a link to that video, and have seen a lot of video on social media last night of Dallas cops actually being shot and killed, but absolutely don’t feel comfortable posting links to those. But if you are a viewer of Fox News, they did air a lot of them.
  • Many on social media were wondering why the crowds remained in Dallas. The best explanation I heard was that so many places were blocked off by the police and public transportation was halted, people had nowhere to go.
  • Another complaint about LeafGeeding, there are no dials, only buttons. Sometimes I just want to crank the volume or air down with a quick turn of a knob, not having to hold or repeatedly pressing a button.
  • I’ve lost my jigsaw, which I haven’t used in years, but yesterday I needed it.
  • BunnyGeeding peed on me yesterday. We ain’t on good terms.
  • I need to find a Google Chrome plugin that strips any website of Taylor Swift. I’m tired of seeing her love life plastered everywhere.
  • Speaking of Taylor Swift, but nothing really related to her love life, I ran across this odd article about a Christian mother who is definitely not a fan, and stop reading from this point on if you are easily offended – World’s worst mom compares her daughter’s vagina to Taylor Swift’s using a sloppy ham sandwich.
    • I came *this* close to posting the sandwich Twitter photo as a single post yesterday (it’s just a ham sandwich after all) but had a feeling some of my more sensitive readers would have been offended. Instead, I just put it in Bag Of Randomness to give anyone the option of clicking it.
  • Buzzfeed – Teens Are Competitively Eating Whole Heads Of Lettuce
  • Bat houses surge in popularity in hopes of preventing Zika
  • How Much You Must Earn to Buy a Home in 27 Major U.S. Metros
  • One of the survivors from The Miracle on the Hudson (US Airways Flight 15490) did a Reddit AMA yesterday, here are a few things that stood out – the context of the question is in the answers.
    • The plane hit hard in the back, the water rushed up the sides making it dark and a terrible sound of metal groaning as it bent.
      • I think that’s one thing I never took into consideration, was the noise that one would actually hear.
    • At first I had lost everything but what I was wearing. I eventually got my luggage back it had been cleaned, packed back meticulously. Every bobby pin was itemized. I was compensated for my lost luggage before I even got back to Seattle. My purse was the only thing not recovered.
    • a big plus was people didn’t really push or shove. There was lots of yelling.
    • After the crash I waited a week to fly home to Washington. I have flown 27 times since. It’s still terrifying but I want to go place and see things so it’s a must.
    • I do have some PTSD. A big trigger for me is the smell of something burning that is out of place. Electrical burning is the worst.
    • The only free flight I got was that one and the one home.
    • There were children on the flight. A family got on with a little girl about 3 and a baby less then a year. The mother had to sit in the front with the baby and the dad sat in the back near me. I remember when we were stuck in the back I was yelling “Move hurry up, there’s a kid back here.” adding in the F bombs when I thought she wasn’t listening of course. I couldn’t imagine the fear they must have felt. I was by myself and didn’t have any loved ones to worry about.
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  1. John Mackovic says:

    – I’ve lost my jigsaw, which I haven’t used in years, but yesterday I needed it.
    – BunnyGeeding peed on me yesterday. We ain’t on good terms.


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