Rare, Red Sprite Bursts Near Amarillo

Per Digg  – Sprites are large, flickering discharges triggered by the discharges of positive lightening between an underlying thundercloud and the ground. They are also very cool looking.

Scott McPartland – Extreme Weather Photography (YouTube) – I managed to capture on video several vivid “Red Sprite” bursts, from a cluster of supercell thunderstorms putting out near constant lightning near Amarillo, TX. I was positioned about 20 miles to the south of the storms, near the town of Tulia, TX, looking off to the northeast. This definitely ranks up there with one of the best lightning storms I have ever seen. A more extended video can be viewed via the annotation link at the end of this video.

This video has been reviewed by several meteorologists at various NWS offices, as well as the Storm Prediction Center, and deemed to be 100% legitimate Red Sprites.

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