Question leads to awkward interruption during Starr interview

A lot of folks are applauding this local news station for airing this segment and good reporting. If anything, the local news should have uncovered everything that led up to this moment before ESPN.

This was also the guy that released a letter to the Baylor community about the school’s response to sexual violence reports two hours before the Super Bowl – a time when almost no one would see it.

Speaking of timing things to try to limit coverage, Baylor decided to hold a press conference around 4:30 PM on a Friday to introduce their new interim coach, Jim Grobe. The new interim coach stated he was going to retain all of Art Briles’s coaching staff. Briles wasn’t solely at fault:

The findings of fact from the Pepper Hamilton investigation that Baylor’s Board of Regents released May 26 said unnamed Baylor “football coaches and staff” had inappropriate involvement in disciplinary and criminal matters and engaged in improper conduct. The investigation also found “football coaches or staff” met directly with complainants and didn’t report misconduct.

But then again, his powers are limited “Grobe said he does have the power as interim coach to hire and fire assistants if he thinks he needs to make changes.

Another strange thing worth noting, Briles’ son and son-in-law will still be part of the Baylor coaching staff.

Among the staffers Grobe is keeping are Briles’ son, offensive coordinator Kendal Briles, and son-in-law Jeff Lebby, the team’s passing game coordinator. Grobe acknowledged they’re “very discouraged” by Baylor’s coaching change.

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