Bag of Randomness for Thursday, June 2, 2016


  • I remember these having an adhesive patch on the back that would never stick to the television. It was always a bit of a challenge to reach your arm around the back of the TV to grab that thing and make the switch.
  • I’m surprised the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla story is still in the news.
  • My father was from Cincinnati and would occasionally ask me to spell it, and I’d get it wrong every time either adding or missing an “n” or “t”.
  • Last night while watching the weather segment on the evening news, I learned there’s a Bono, Texas. However, it’s a ghost town.
  • This mother is really happy to see Donald Trump.
  • PGA Golf tournament leaving Trump’s Doral course for Mexico
  • King Tutankhamun’s dagger blade made from meteorite, study confirms‏ – I wonder if they saw the meteor fall from the sky and consider it a gift from the gods and then retrieved the meteorite to make the blade.
  • It’s an interactive chart, but I don’t think you can break it down by show, and there are details posted beneath it – All the TV character deaths of 2015-’16, in one chart – About 56 percent of deaths were male characters, and 44 percent women. 26 percent of characters were shot; 16 percent were stabbed; 9 percent killed themselves (including for the greater good). The other minor categories for causes of death included supernatural causes, illness, explosions, poisoning, suffocation, and beating.
  • GIF – Just a man playfully wrestling with tigers
  • Regarding the Texas courthouse documentary I mentioned yesterday, here’s the trailer which features, well, briefly shows, the courthouses of Wise and Parker counties. And here’s a four-minute segment from the man that edited the documentary.
  • I received an email pondering why I haven’t made mention of LiberallyLean’s return to blogging. Quite simply, I was remiss in doing so.
  • CBS News – UCLA shooting: Students react on social media – The shooting was in one of the engineering buildings, and I thought it was interesting how engineering students went about barricading or locking doors.
  • CBS News – First U.S. penis transplant recipient released from hospital – Once again, the patient is photographed with a thumbs up and sporting a grin. And once again, I can’t blame the guy.
  • Yahoo Sports‏ – Some Baylor supporters struggling to cope with fallout from latest scandal –  “I feel bad for any victims or whatever,
  • Sports Illustrated – Report: Seven Baylor signees request release in wake of scandal – Baylor has a 30-day deadline to respond to the request by each recruit. A university may grant a complete release or no release. Baylor will also determine whether or not to lift a recruiting ban that disallows any contact between a coach from other schools and the players.
  • – Baylor signee’s dad has scathing words for school as son requests release from letter of intent
  • ESPN – Kenneth Starr stepping down as Baylor chancellorKenneth Starr is resigning as chancellor at Baylor in the wake of a huge shakeup at the university, but he will continue to teach in the law school, the former school president told ESPN’s Joe Schad on Wednesday. Starr said in an interview with Outside the Lines that he was resigning effective immediately “as a matter of conscience.”
    • Because rivalries make people do all sorts of things, part of me thinks this was always planned but only did the transition from president to chancellor and then resignation as a way to discredit Chip Brown, a writer for Horns Digest, who broke the new that Starr was going to be fired as president.
    • I’m so surprised he gave ‘Outside the Lines’ the first interview, but perhaps this is his first step towards transparency.
    • If I’m connected with Baylor, I’m not sure if I’d still want him affiliated with the university. At least the woman I live with feels that way.
    • In the interview, Starr stressed these assaults happened off campus. That may be the case, but they are still his students whose reports were overlooked. He also stated several times that he was “behind the veil of ignorance”.
    • To my surprise, this wasn’t mentioned on our local CBS affiliate’s evening newscast or the ‘CBS Evening News’.
    • I found out yesterday that Starr is the father of two daughters, which makes his lack of actions even more surprising. His denying of not knowing of other allegations before 2015 doesn’t add up when you look at victim testimony and interaction with him, but I’m sure there are those that don’t the victims’ statements.
    • as a matter of conscience” – Playing armchair PR guy, I think I would have phrased it different, something along the lines of “putting the university first” or “do what’s best for Baylor”. Many are stating that if he had a conscience, he’d still have a job and the student safety issue wouldn’t have gotten out of hand.
  • Benjamin L. Corey – Was Jesus A Pacifist? – The way Christian pacifists use the word however, is not to argue for passivity in the face of evil, but is a commitment to fighting evil and oppression exclusively using nonviolent means. (Which is why today’s Christian pacifists are nonviolent, but very confrontational.)
    • As I’ve stated before, I don’t always support all of Corey’s thoughts, and I’m not stating I do or do not in this case. Actually, that can be applied to just about everything I post. But I do think it’s an interesting read and something that might provide thought and discussion either here, with friends or family, or with the one you worship.
  • You may not want to click on the article because the synthetic dog may give you nightmares – SynDaver Labs’ synthetic dogs could revolutionize vet school‏ – SynDaver Labs says this synthetic canine will help veterinarian students learn surgical techniques that otherwise would be practiced on shelter dogs. The company says it hopes the prototype will help end animal testing. “It bleeds, it breathes, it can even die,” said veterinarian David Danielson.
  • Hey, mistakes happen – South Carolina Grandfather “very sorry” after accidentally picking up wrong grandchild at school
  • Maybe it was the fine print – New York man spent five months in jail, not knowing his bail was $2
  • BYU student believes she drank professor’s urine for extra creditA student drank what she thought was her professor’s urine as part of a lesson on kidney function. The student got extra credit for slugging back a small vial. Professor Jason Hansen teaches the class. He posted a note to his students three days after it happened. It reads in part: “Please rest assured that it was not really urine but rather food coloring and diluted vinegar.”
  • Delta thinks they have a solution towards long security wait lines – The airline touts it as a “parallel process” in which people and their baggage are moving separately though security. So instead of waiting in a single line for all the people in front of you to pass through baggage and body screening before your turn, you’re able to go at your own (likely faster) pace. You load your carry-on luggage and shoes into a bin, then push it forward onto a conveyor belt and proceed through body-screening along with your belongings—no need to wait with your bags until right when you push them into the screener. What’s more, empty bins are routed to the front of the line via a conveyor belt, which means staff don’t have to cart bins around (potentially making people wait for empty bins to be replenished). The idea is that there’s constant movement throughout the entire security checkpoint process for people, baggage, and bins.
  • Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys Welcome First Child Together – I’m a loyal viewer of ‘The Americans’ on FX and had no idea these costars, who are married on the show, were in a relationship. One of my friends (and I still think loyal reader) officiated a wedding in which she was either the maid of honor or bridesmaid and got to dance with her. With him traveling from Texas to NYC for the wedding, I wonder if she brought up the time she lived in Coppell.
  • For you fellow fans of ‘The Americans’, here’s an idea to add to the story – Stan’s son knocks up Paige.
  • Uptown Funk you up, Uptown Funk you up
    Uptown Funk you up, Uptown Funk you up
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  2. Rob says:

    Just fyi, some thing for thought. I watch The Americans, it is a great show. My wife and I differ on Paige. I think she is going to be a great Agent. Either for the FBI or the KGB. She is already being trained. My wife thinks she is dragging the show down.

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