Bag of Randomness for Thursday, June 16, 2016


  • The other day the family was traveling in the car and DaughterGeeding was whining about not getting to do something. BoyGeeding chimed in and said, “SisterGeeding, it’s just like the song, sometimes you can’t always get what you want.” To my surprise, he remembered the Rolling Stones song I played about a week prior.
  • Speaking of BoyGeeding and sometimes not getting what he wants, he was supposed to go the end of season tee-ball pizza party and get a trophy; however, he had a 103° temperature so I went to the party and brought it home for him. On one hand, I feel bummed he missed having his first sports trophy presented to him, but on the other hand, I’m not too keen on the idea of all kids getting a trophy.
  • DaughterGeeding is also a bit under the weather with an ear infection and frustrated she can’t go swimming.
  • I mowed the lawn yesterday and happen to report there were ZERO bunny fatalities. However, one got really, really close to a weedeater.
    • My weedeater does not require bumping it on the ground for extra line; heck, I think all weedeaters are like that now. But I still do it out of habit, and it just “feels” right.
  • Something for the pet rescue lovers – Baltimore Ravens Offensive Tackle Ronnie Stanley—along with his girlfriend and a teammate, walked into a pet shelter and said, “We are looking for dog that’s been here a long time and maybe not-so-adoptable,
  • Baylor leaders need to find a happy medium, some are way too lax on discipline, some are way too harsh –  Hoverboard could derail Baylor grad’s Air Force career hopes
    • Riding a hoverboard without a helmet could derail a recent Baylor graduate’s hopes for an Air Force career. A week before finals last month an AFROTC captain spotted him riding his hoverboard to and from school without a helmet and wrote him up. The report says Delzell used “poor judgment” and that while riding the hoverboard in the department’s offices, he damaged Baylor property. Delzell says he nicked a wall, leaving a one-inch gash that he immediately offered to pay to repair.
  • A handful of my readers are Baylor Law graduates. WifeGeeding’s grandfather was a Baylor trustee, President of the Baylor Alumni Association, has a scholarship and class named in his honor, and taught a law class during his lunch hour. Yesterday I found an oral memoir of his. It seems like some students interviewed him and the audio and PDF transcript is posted online. Here are some names that are dropped in the memoir that some of you may have a connection with – Hart Nance, Frank Wilson, Matt Dawson, Louis Muldrow, William Cowper Brann, Frank Connally, Price Daniel, Judge Calvert.
    • Here’s a story with a nice Christian tie-in:
      • They went up on the mountain and the higher they got, the closer Scott got to Frank. And Frank—when they got up nearly to the top of the mountain, Scott said, “Grandpa, do you think we can see a bear?” And Frank said, “Well, I imagine we will. There‟s some up here.” And Scott said, “Well, Grandpa, are you scared?” And Frank said, “Yeah, I‟m getting kind of nervous.” And Scott said, “Grandpa, can I put my hand in yours?” And Frank told us that story at lunch and how great it was. But then Frank tied that into his Sunday school class and talked about how we all need somebody‟s hand. And then when he‟d be called upon to make speeches somewhere, he used it.
    • For you LiberallyLean readers, there’s also a story about a “Ben Green” who dated WifeGeeding’s great aunt, spent some time in the penitentiary, authored about seven books, and pretended to be a veterinarian and a Rhodes scholar. He is of no relation to the blogging lawyer, but let’s just pretend.
  • GIF – Queen Elizabeth is excited to see a cow – You’re probably like, why would he post something like that. And I’m like because it’s funnier than you’d expect and I’m sure you’ll watch it at least three times.
  • Mark Cuban continues to love and give back to our community – Mark Cuban to donate $1M to Dallas PD for Orlando response
  • Regarding the alligator dragging a two-year-old tragedy at Disney’s Grand Floridian, some folks think finding the child’s body intact was somehow a bit more comforting, that the child simply drowned. I’m thinking if I was the father, knowing my child drowned would have been worst because there was the possibility the kid still could have been rescued, instead of immediate death. Either way, it sucks.
  • I remember after losing my father after a very long illness, a family member debated with a friend who lost his father suddenly. One thought it was worst to watch them slowly wither away, the other thought not being able to say good-bye and the sudden loss and shock was the worst. Personally, I don’t think either is worst than the other, they both suck for various reasons.
  • While getting ready to watch the latest “Angie Tribeca” the other night (which had a FANTASTIC hat-tip to A Few Good Men) a caught a little bit of the new show “Wrecked” in which they were kinda poking fun of Brendan Fraser’s career. Last night, I spotted this headline – Brendan Fraser to Play Villain in Bollywood Movie
  • Buzzfeed – Socially Awkward Dog At A Pool 
  • I hope Cowtown Doug is doing well, I think about you from time to time for some reason.
  • I’ve never been a fan of how auto dealerships put a “permanent” decal on their vehicles. The license plate frames that display the dealership doesn’t bother me because those are easily replaceable.
  • Last night Colbert showed an old “Quantum Leap” clip in which Dr. Sam Beckett was a taxi driver and his passengers was Donald Trump as a child with his father. Man, I loved that show as a kid. Later, Colbert did a “Quantum Leap” skit with Scott Bakula. I may have gotten a kick out of Dean Stockwell’s character more than I did of Bakula’s.
  • Jay Leno was one of Jimmy Fallon’s guests last night. One thing is apparent, as nice as a guy Fallon may be, he not only gives a lot of courtesy laughs, but he’s an over-laugher.
  • ESPN-TNT deal allows Craig Sager a chance to work his first NBA Finals, as a sideline reporter for Game 6 on ABC
  • The new Google Fonts database is a design geek’s paradise
  • Yesterday in history, Arkansas became the 25th state. Random facts:
    • In 1881, the pronunciation of Arkansas with the final “s” being silent was made official by an act of the state legislature after a dispute arose between Arkansas’s two U.S. senators as one favored the pronunciation as /ˈɑːrkənsɔː/ ar-kən-saw while the other favored /ɑːrˈkænzəs/ ar-kan-zəs.
    • In 2007, the state legislature passed a non-binding resolution declaring the possessive form of the state’s name to be Arkansas’s which has been followed increasingly by the state government.
    • The word “Arkansas” itself is a French pronunciation (“Arcansas“) of a Quapaw (a related “Kaw” tribe) word, akakaze, meaning “land of downriver people” or the Sioux word akakaze meaning “people of the south wind”.
      • “People of the south wind” – It sounds like they are a bunch of farters. Man, the Sioux sure can bring the funny.
  • “Jim never has a second cup of coffee at home.”
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13 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Thursday, June 16, 2016

  1. joe says:

    Sometimes you say things that punch me in the gut!!!! My wife's dad suffered for nine long years with COPD and blood disorders. My dad had cancer and it spread like fire. Her dad died then 3 months later mine did. Her's was out of his long misery, mine very quickly. She had years to visit with him, I had very few months to get those last moments. Your right,,, both SUCK. How we both wished we had one more day with them.

  2. Melissa says:

    when i buy a car i tell the dealer if there is not already a logo, not to put one on and if there is one on there, i make them remove it; i say if they want to negotiate advertising rates into the car deal it can stay on there. HA!

    • Mr. Mike Honcho says:

      Melissa, I do EXACTLY the same thing, right down to the pay for advertising bit. No license plate frames either.

  3. RPM says:

    At least dealers have stopped from drilling holes and attaching metal nameplates to new cars. That used to hack me off to no end. The old Ford dealer in Decatur was the worst about it. They would put one on each side of pickups right under the F100 badges. They didn't match the body contour either.

    Always was a Quantum Leap fan and yeah, I liked Al more than Sam. He had lived an infinitely more interesting life than Sam prior to the leaping.

  4. BSG says:

    Still traumatized by a moment that occurred over 30 years ago at 8:04 a.m.:

    Louis Muldrow: "Mr. Green. Recite Rule 279" of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure.

    The whole class had heard that this question could be popped on any of us at any moment. I got at least 30 seconds into it before I stumbled and he immediately told me to sit down and called upon someone else.

  5. Ben W. says:

    I miss having a "bump & go" weedeater. My auto-feed version now only works about half the time, so I end up having to stop, turn it over, and let more line out by hand. So efficient. /sarcasmfont

    You nailed it on the Queen clip – I watched it at least 5 times. Old people can be funny, anyway, but when you think of all the things that the Queen in particular has seen in her long lifetime, and then to see her become genuinely amused/tickled over some cows – well, that's fun to watch.

    I'm not sure why people are so harsh on Brendan Fraser. I thought he was fantastic in Bedazzled. Or maybe I was too distracted by Elizabeth Hurley. I guess I'll have to go back and re-watch it to know for sure.

    I now cobble together my late-night TV watching experience as follows: I skim through Fallon to watch the celebrity games (and bits like Hashtags & Screen Grabs). I watch Seth Meyers' monologue, and the Closer Look and Ya Burnt segments. (IMO, Seth doing "A Closer Look" is a poor man's John Oliver). I watch Colbert interview any guests I find interesting. Thanks to the power of the DVR, I watch three shows in about half an hour.

    "Jim never vomits at home."

  6. John Mackovic says:

    – I have a bump-and-go trimmer, I bought it about two months ago

    – I wonder if there's more to the story than the guy having a small accident on the hoverboard. He may have been warned many times not to ride it without a helmet, or he had a history of discipline problems. I really can't trust the media to report the story, they're more interested in sensational headlines.

    – I too tell the dealers to remove their stickers. I remove their license plate frames as soon as the car gets home.

    – I gotta agree, losing a family member sucks either way, and I really can't say which way would be worse.

    – Jim never vomits at home

  7. Mr. Mike Honcho says:

    Re: Cows – great "JIF"! It reminds me; if you shop often in the Alliance area and know where the Belk is east of I35, directly behind it is a pasture about 20 acres in size. Its all that's left of a bigger pasture. The owner put a couple of really nice Long Horns in there a few weeks ago. It tickles me to see all the cars stopping to take pics and check them out.

  8. Mr. Mike Honcho says:

    BTW, the pic at the top of this post is Epic.

  9. DF of LL says:

    RE: Arkansas pronunciation

    In the state of Kansas, where the Arkansas River originates, the river is referred to phonetically as the ARE KANSAS river, not the ARE CAN SAW river.

    Jim Jim

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