Bag of Randomness for Monday, June 27, 2016


  • This weekend saw a man eat his cheeseburger and fries using a knife and a fork. It was unsettling to watch.
  • While driving through Coppell I noticed the Sonic on Denton Tap road was demolished, but a banner placed in front said, “Closed For Remodel”. In my mind, a remodel doesn’t mean the entire structure is leveled to the ground. I’d say they are rebuilding.
  • A moment of awkwardness I’ll never be able to master – running into someone at the grocery store, striking up a conversation, and then seeing them again while finishing shopping. It’s the re-encounter that “makes it weird.” I’ll actually go out of my way to avoid them if I see our paths are about to cross again.
  • I got a notice in the mail from the electric company stating they were going to cut off power this weekend if I didn’t make a payment soon. This was a bit of a surprise because I always pay the bill the day it arrives in the mail through the miracle of billpay through my USAA app – I think it takes me less than 30-seconds even with logging in. I checked my records, and sure enough, I didn’t pay the previous month. I’ve never used their website to make a payment before and wanted to make sure I was in good standing with them so I called to speak to a representative and made the payment over the phone. I explained I’ve been a happy customer for over a decade and have never missed a payment, and this happened only because I didn’t get the bill in the mail. The representative was super friendly and waived the late fee and informed me I didn’t get a statement in the mail because I recently signed up for electronic delivery of my statement. But the thing is, I never signed up for it and they had no record of my email. Also, I thought it was a bit weird or a bit too threatening of them to state they were threatening to cut off power after only one missed payment, but I guess that’s the way it is.
  • The Cowboys did a cool thing with Ashley Furniture on Friday night and it’s hard to find any local coverage of the event. One-hundred children, many who do not have a bed of their own, got to be a part of a sleepover on the field of AT&T Stadium. Beds were placed on the field, and the kids got to keep the beds they slept on. The best pictures of the event I could find were in The Houston Chronicle of all places.
  • A week ago, it was reported that Baylor and Art Briles reached a settlement; however, both parties didn’t formally make the announcement  , both admitting fault, until a statement was released Friday at 8:00 PM.
    • Briles stated he was wrongfully terminated, wanted to clear his name, and had no intention of settling. That joint announcement goes against everything he stated earlier.
    • One columnist I follow on Twitter (and no, it’s not Chip Brown), stated Baylor’s last five press releases related to the scandal have all been put out on either a Friday (3) or Memorial Day (2). That doesn’t include the one released a few hours before the kickoff of the Super Bowl, so that’s a total of six times I tried to hide news when releasing it to the public.
  • I’ve never like sports reporter Jim Gray, but then after reading this article I started to respect the guy. However, it also reminded me why I can’t stand the man.
  • My father died 18-years ago today. Weird to think I haven’t heard his voice or had a conversation with him in that amount of time. I’m jealous how all my close friends still have their parents, but also happy for them, if that even makes sense.
  • Imgur – Game of Thrones characters cast as Star Wars characters
  • I don’t watch ‘Veep’ but I had it one in the background and one line certainly stood out, “I wouldn’t be your Vice President if there was a grassy knoll full of Jodie Foster fans . . .”
  • Texas Supreme Court has sided with a family accused of not teaching its children anything while waiting “to be raptured.”
  • Buzzfeed – A Teen Athlete Fell Over And Got A Javelin In His Eye
    “It was kind of sticking up at a 45-degree angle and he literally tripped and fell,” his track coach said.
  • Laughing Squid – A Pair of Overwhelmed Teenage Colorblind Brothers Take Turns Seeing Color for the Very First Time
  • I do not volunteer as tribute – Glass slide outside Los Angeles skyscraper hosts first test riders
  • Spoiler free ‘Game of Thrones’ bit – I watch re-airings of the show when the kids are around. I don’t watch the show with them, but if they are playing nearby, I’ll watch it in the living room. If I know a certain part that is too mature for them is coming up, I’ll turn it off. However, they walked in during one of the dragon scenes and had a lot of questions and seem quite fascinated. I basically told them that the pretty blonde is the queen and is the Mother of Dragons and she taught them to shoot fire from their mouths using a certain word, kinda like I do with DogGeedingII when I tell him to “sit” or “rollover”. Next thing I know, DaughterGeeding is pretending she’s the Mother of Dragons and BoyGeeding is her pet dragon, and this carried on for the better part of two hours.

  • Spoiler-filled ‘Game of Thrones’ thoughts
    • I think the last two episodes can be seen as the finale. The previous week had all the action, this week had all the suspense and drama.
    • I know the intro is quite long and many don’t pay too much attention to it, but I liked how it was updated from the previous episode – Winterfell had the Stark banner.
    • They did a great job using that piano music, it was a nice change and set a great mood or tone for a finale. But the whole thing started with the ringing of church bells. It’s easy to think those were simply for the upcoming trial ceremony, but I like to thing of it as foreshadowing – deathbells for all the lives that were about to be lost in one big bang. In that one moment we lost a big cast of characters – The High Sparrow, Lancel Lannister, Margaery Tyrell, Ser Loras, the Faith Militant.
    • I love how the candle that set off the wildfire was like a modern day version of the timer of a bomb.
    • I’m not sure what’s in the candy Qyburn gives those kids, but they’ll do anything. I got to get me some of that candy.
    • I could have done without the Sam and Gilly scene. All I learned was that news travels slow and there’s an impressive library. But I thought it was a bit suspensful as he walked through, I thought perhaps his father was about to appear and stab him.
    • It looked like Cersi was using wine to waterboard Septa Unella. I have to admit it was a bit of a guilty pleasure watching Cersi torture and “confess” to her. However, I’m not sure what The Mountain was doing to her, just torturing her, or was rape implied? Perhaps it’s just left to the imagination and that’s where mine took me.
    • I expected Tommen to die, but not like that.
    • I liked how Ned and his sister’s dialoug wasn’t audible to leave the writers some creative flexibility and to keep the audience in mystery.
    • Arya was a surprise appearance, though short, it was satisfying seeing her cross a major name off her list. It’s been a while since she’s worked on that thing. Nice knowing you, Walder, glad you died at the spot you were sitting during the Red Wedding, and dying just as Caitlyn did, with a slit throat. The North remembers.
    • Bad Ayra joke considering the ingredients she used – she’s now an Iron Chef.
    • Ticket fans will crack up that the name “Barbaro” was uttered. Lady Olenna used it trying to remember someone’s name.
    • Uncle Benjen could have left the horse for Bran, the boy can’t walk afterall.
    • Little Lady Mormont has no filter, and we all love it.
    • So if Jon Snow is now King of the North, I guess technically, the King in the North is not a Stark, but a Targaryen, since Jon’s father is Prince Rhaegar Tagaryen, though that’s not explicitly stated. Granted, he still has Stark blood since Lyanna is his mother. And even if he still has royal or noble blood, I guess he’s still a bastard.
    • Where the hell was Ghost?! Doesn’t he deserve to be in the great hall when Jon is made ruler?!
    • Interesting how Jon talked about having feasts in the dining hall but because of being a bastard he couldn’t even sit at the table, and now he’s King of the North.
    • The last two times Jaime and Cersi seperate, the come back learning a child has died. I would say they should stick together, but they ain’t got no more children. It must have been hard for Jaime to process everything as he returned home, to a smoking Sept and then walking in on his sister being crowned queen, which could only mean his son died.
    • Since season one, all the rulers of the seven kingdoms have been children. Finally, a grown-up is back on the throne.
    • That was one hell of a gift Danny gave Tyrion. We know for sure he’ll be loyal now.
    • Since the Dothraki fear the sea, and they are now traveling by sea, I hope they took some dramamine or there’s gonna be a lot of cleanup.
    • I was bummed The Hound didn’t make an appearance. I was bummed Brienne didn’t make an appearance.
    • Next season, for the finale, the wall is coming down and Cersi dies. But in a weird way, this finale would have made a good series finale.
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  1. Ben W. says:

    That headline re: the Texas Supreme Court and the homeschoolers is a prime example of clickbait "journalism." To be fair, I've seen even more egregious headlines related to this case, but all of them misrepresent the Court's actions. I read the opinion, and at no point does the Court even address the content of what was being taught or the reasons the parents gave for not teaching. In fact, even the article even states "The case then headed to the state’s Supreme Court, where the justices made a 6-3 ruling on technical grounds in favor of the McIntyres." (Extra pet peeve – there are no "technicalities" in the law – there are legal issues and fact issues, and while journalists/laypersons love to paint the legal issues as "technicalities," they are in fact the glue that holds it all together. /endrant)

    I get it, we're Texas and we do stupid stuff all the time, but the reporting on this one annoyed me.

  2. King Bronn says:

    It sucks that when Tommen jumped out the window, we didn't get to see the… King's Landing.

  3. Scooter says:

    When your Beard gets "Rightous" then eating a burger and fries with a fork is not uncommon

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