Bag of Randomness for Friday, June 17, 2016


  • I had a family member move to Valley Ranch when it was “the” neighborhood and took that picture shortly thereafter. It was my intention to take a picture after every championship year was added. I never took the time to take a picture after 1995 was added, and I certainly thought at least two or three more would have been added by now.
    • When Valley Ranch was “the” neighborhood, you’d often see a shirtless Troy Aikman jogging in the neighborhood. You’d also see a lot of women in runny makeup powerwalking in hopes of running into the man. One thing about that area, it has some great walking paths.
    • Valley Ranch has changed from a community of young adults right out of college and affluent white people to a large South Asian community.
    • The only time I’ve seen Jerry Jones in the area was when I was inside Boston Market and he was going through the drive-thru.
    • The only time I was actually inside Valley Ranch was when my ENT schedule a CT scan. You can read what I wrote about the experience and my impression of the facility here. To my surprise, it even seemed a bit run down back in 2012.  And I still think it’s a great way for Jerry to utilize his state of the art medical equipment. Sure, his players have first priority, but way not charge others when it’s not in use?
    • I’ve seen several coaches every now and then at local businesses, but one memory that stands out is the time WifeGeeding and I drove next to Bill Parcells and awkwardly stopped at three consecutive stoplights with him. He was driving a Lincoln in case you were wondering.
    • Crazy how both the Cowboys and Stars were based in Valley Ranch, just about a block from each other, and now both will have Frisco as their home.
  • The Cowboys held their last practice at Valley Ranch:
    • Jason Garrett started the final practice at Valley Ranch by having his players watch some video from a 1992 practice at the facility, which lead to this nice little nod to the past
      • Most of the players in the 1992 video were practicing in gray. So Cowboys veteran right tackle Doug Free suggested the Cowboys’ offensive players wear gray shorts Thursday for the final practice. “We decided to bring it back because it’s tradition and just trying to show respect and most of all it feels comfortable,” Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith said. “It’s special to see the other guys into it and show the respect.”
    • Gil Brant was there for the very first and last practice and wrote a piece for  Nate Newton was also there for the last practice, and Brant states Newton was actually on the field for the very first practice at Valley Ranch.
    • Michael Irvin is losing all his football landmarks
      • “I don’t think anyplace that I’ve done anything exists anymore,” said Irvin, who was here for the close of minicamp. “They got rid of the Orange Bowl, got rid of Texas Stadium, now they are getting rid of Valley Ranch …”
  • NBA Finals
    • If Golden State ends up losing this thing, that’s gonna be one for the ages considering how the basketball pundits have been wanting to hand them the championship all year long. Especially since they have the best regular season in the history of the NBA. I’d say this would be bigger than the Patriots losing the Super Bowl and ruining their perfect season – Golden State would have had three tries at putting it away.
    • I gotta hand it to Steph Curry. He threw his mouthpiece which hit a fan and resulted in his final foul and caused him to leave the game in the final moments. Even in that emotional moment of losing a game and having to leave on the visitor’s court, he took the time to go to the fan and apologize. He easily couldn’t have just stormed out and offer some half-hearted apology at a press conference.
    • Craig Sager looked weak, but it was nice to see him finally do a Finals.
    • The city of Cleveland has gone so long without any championship and has had horrible sports luck, I’m rooting for them.
    • There’s a part of me that thinks these games are somehow rigged to extend the series to make more money.
  • Colby Lewis of the Rangers had a no-hitter until the ninth inning yesterday in Oakland. I loved the guy’s honesty after the game when asked his thoughts on the game. Instead of saying he was just happy for the team to just get a win, he said, “Ahhhhh, it sucks.” Seriously, I love the sincerity, he almost had a no-hitter.
  • Not that I’m superstitious, but certain things stand out. For instance, we’re refinancing GeedingManor and the Estimated Taxes, Insurance, & Assessments comes to a total of $666.69.
  • If you are ordering pizza and trying to figure out if one extra-large is a better deal than two mediums, the Pizza Value Calculator will come in handy.
  • Alligators, Snake Fright and Floats: The Most Bizarre Deaths At The House of Mouse – The Daily Beast‏
  • Buzzfeed – Parents Are Sharing Photos Of Their Children At The Spot A Boy Was Killed By An Alligator
  • Buzzfeed – This Dad Makes Disney Costumes For His Kids And The Results Are Mind-Blowing
  • Actor Alan Ruck reveals why Cameron Frye, a teenager from Chicago, was a Red Wings fan in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”‏
  • Gizmodo – Here’s What Happened To All 53 of Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo Acquisitions
  • This is my preferred keyboard, so I’m not sure how I feel about this – Pinterest acquires the team behind Fleksy, a custom iOS and Android keyboard
  • Nursing Home Residents Often Mistreat Each Other: Report
  • Visiting My Dead Dad On Google Street View
    • Before my father passed, Google’s cameras captured him—healthy and happy—tending his yard. For years, this surprising cyber-presence lent me a strange comfort.
  • Tempting Video of the Day – McDonald’s food is put through a food processor and a dude drinks the entire glass.
  • Baylor wants to move on, but it seems like that’s not going to be possible for a while because of the courts:
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  1. John Mackovic says:

    – I was once a young college grad living in Valley Ranch, I got married and bought a house in the great city of Lewisville.

    – I once visited the Cowboys HQ as part of some corporate challenge, we did all sorts of silly competitions on the practice fields.

    – Curry should be suspended, but won't be.

  2. ALEC says:

    Did you receive the documents for the re-financing on 06/16/16?

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