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  • When all the Penn State scandal news broke, it was first in the evening national news. Yesterday, on the ‘CBS Evening News’, the Baylor news was pushed back to after the first commercial break. It wasn’t even the top story on most national news websites. I guess the news isn’t as big as I thought it would be.
  • Some of you may remember my posting about a conflict I had with Art Briles as a player on an opposing team during a JV football game and how I questioned his character from that experience as well as other things I witnessed. What was revealed yesterday during his reign didn’t surprise me, but it does sadden me.
  • It is interesting to see how riled up people can get over the firing of a head coach for covering things up, but not so much about when someone loses so much of themselves due to sexual assault.
  • People of Baylor are some of the warmest and nicest I know, but I’ve had issue with the institution for some time. It only got worst after the whole Dave Bliss thing, and now there’s this admission. But what is going on isn’t about bitterness, it’s about student safety, and I prefer truth and justice over vengeance of vengeance. Part of me wants to say I’m proud of Baylor for doing this, but I feel they dragged their feet. At least it’s a start in the right direction, it’s the first step.
  • Dallas Morning News – A quick, complete guide to the Baylor football sex-assault scandal
  • Dallas Morning News – AP Columnist: Baylor should pull the plug on its athletic program for good – When SMU got the death penalty, I don’t think anyone was raped or killed. There are few things more corrupt than college sports and the NCAA.
  • Dallas Morning News – Art Briles’ daughter blasts ‘disgusting’ Baylor, ‘witch hunt’ media –  She loves her father, I can’t blame her for defending him, but a social media rant isn’t the best way to go about it. Did she really need to state she was “never going to wear a Baylor t-shirt again”?
  • @JessicaMorrey – Per source, here is the group text that Art Briles sent his players today #Baylor
  • Hey, this is more than a bit too soon – After Baylor firing, Art Briles may look to the NFL
  • I know there’s a certain day of the year where high school seniors sign a commitment letter to play football at a particular university. I’m sure they chose the school based on the current coach and other factors. I wonder if there is a way for them to back out and commit to another school if the coach leaves and other major things develop. It wouldn’t seem fair to make them still commit of so many factors have changed.
  • Many think Baptists don’t do a good job of respecting women. Now that the world’s largest Baptist university is in the news for failing to properly handle incidents of sexual violence, it’s going to be even harder to shake that perception.
  • I can picture Ken Starr and Art Briles’ first interviews being done by Dr. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas. He is also a Baylor alum.
  • I attended a Baptist university. As with most Christian colleges, they like to market themselves as having higher standards than other schools because they are guided by Christian principles and adhere to a higher authority than any public institution. Yes, college kids will be college kids and get in trouble, and bad things happen all over the place, but you expect more out of Christian institution because they say you can expect more out of them.
  • It will be hard to not look at Baylor’s new stadium and not think of it as “The House That Art Built”.
  • @FauxArtBrilesYesterday, I was Directv Art Briles. Today, I’m cable Art Briles.
  • On the day when Baylor was admonished for not taking care of women who tried to report sexual abuse, Gov. Gregg Abbott thought it would be a good idea to objectify women in a tweet and promote open carry.
  • David Letterman’s old band was the house band for NBC’s Red Nose Day marathon last night. From my observation, every one of them was present. Paul loved to have them play U2’s “Beautiful Day” during commercial break on the old show, and they played it again last night.
  • A reader mentioned that Fats Domino is also a great name. I concur. Regarding names, I’m amazed that Neil Diamond is not a stage name, but his actual given name.
  • WifeGeeding and I debated the correct spelling of Neil/Neal since that name is BoyGeeding’s middle name and has been carried down three or four generations on her father’s side of the family. I say the proper spelling was set forth by Neil Diamond and the first man on the moon. She begs to differ.
  • Star Trek: TNG One-Piece Swimsuits
  • – Iconic broadcaster Vin Scully recites James Earl Jones’ epic “Baseball” speech from “Field of Dreams”
  • The Salt Lake Tribune – Stormin’ Mormons and Teamy McTeamFace lead fan vote to name Utah pro football franchise
  • Vietnam blocked access to Facebook during Obama visit this weekThe move was designed to prevent critics of the communist-run government from organizing protests using the social network.
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  1. Ben W. says:

    Vin Scully is iconic, but that bar was set by James Earl Jones, and it won't be surpassed.

  2. The Kut says:

    Neil Diamond- The greatest american Singer/Songwriter of this or any other generation.

  3. Triple Fake says:

    A little clarification about how the governor objectifies women by badly misidentifying them as armed Texans. If anything, he's objectifying the open-carry of weapons, I suppose. But separate sources indicate his guess is way off. Here's the caption: WEST JERUSALEM. Young Israeli, military policewomen on leave, walking in Ben Yehuda Street in November 2009

  4. RPM says:

    Greg Abbott is an idiot.

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