#Election2016: US Presidential Candidate Twitter Buzz

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Today, we launched this interactive data visualization that allows you to see how the Twitter buzz about each candidate has shifted week over week since September.

The rankings are based on the number of users Tweeting about each candidate plus users engaging with those Tweets. The default view shows the candidate’s performance as a ranking chart, focusing on how they rank relative to each other for all US conversation.

You can explore the visualization in several different ways:

  • Adjust the graph to view the raw share value for more insight into the distance between each candidate’s share of conversation
  • Filter by party (using the dropdown menu)
  • Display only active or former candidates — on the graph we’ve marked the point when a given candidate withdrew from the race
  • See how debates or polling days (primaries and caucuses) related to Twitter buzz (indicated by the podium and ballot icons)
  • View state-level performance for the candidates (select a state from the dropdown menu)

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